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What You Need to Know About Bicycle Accidents

Accident Car Crash With Bicycle
Arizona Bicycle Accidents Bicycling is becoming an increasingly popular sport and mode of transportation across Arizona and the United States. Even with this increase though, many motorists fail to acknowledge the rights of cyclists to ride on roads. This can lead to potentially dangerous and deadly situations. When vehicles and cyclists collide, the results are often serious, and sometimes deadly....[ read more ]
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How to File a Wrongful Death Claim

Man filing wrongful death claim
Wrongful Death Claims: The Basics Nothing can prepare you for the sudden death of a loved one. And when that unexpected death is caused by the wrongdoing of another, it can be exceptionally difficult to understand. No amount of money can replace a lost loved one, but the compensation awarded through a wrongful death lawsuit can assist the family in...[ read more ]
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Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Lonely senior citizen woman in wheelchair in a nursing home
Over 1 million Americans currently reside in nursing homes. These residents depend on the staff for basic needs that we often take for granted. To ensure proper and appropriate care for the residents, nursing homes are required by law to maintain the federal standards of care outlined in the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act. Unfortunately, these standards are not always...[ read more ]
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What Should You Do if You’re in an Accident With a Commercial Truck?

Head on shot of car and commercial truck
Commercial Trucking Accidents All motor vehicle accidents are serious, but those involving a commercial truck are exceptionally dangerous. We understand how trucking accidents differ, and we are experienced in fighting for the proper compensation owed to victims. Causes of Trucking Accidents Negligently operated commercial trucks can cause horrendous accidents. In comparison to passenger vehicles, tractor trailers have an increased danger...[ read more ]
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How is Fault Determined in a Car Accident?

Two drivers man arguing after a car accident
Determining Fault in the State of Arizona After being involved in a car accident, the injured party may have questions as to how he or she can receive compensation for injuries sustained in the car accident. In the State of Arizona, the question of fault or who caused the car accident is important when it comes to damages. Arizona is...[ read more ]
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5 Steps To Settling A Personal Injury Claim in Arizona

When someone’s negligence leads to injury, seeking money to help offset the costs of an accident can feel overwhelming. While the idea of "having a day in court" seems emotionally satisfying, the reality is that most personal injury claims are resolved via a settlement. Despite being overwhelmed by the aftermath of the accident, hiring an attorney to help negotiate a...[ read more ]
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What to do if you were an Injured Passenger

Woman looking at phone about to crash
It is a common misconception that injured passengers cannot take the lead on their own insurance claims. Whether you were injured while a passenger in a taxi or a private vehicle, you have a right to file a personal injury claim. The reality is that most passengers have an easier case than the drivers. Passengers do not have to prove...[ read more ]
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5 Steps to Take After You Are Injured by a Defective Product

Man with injured arm
What to Know about your Products Liability Claim Despite the extensive rules and regulations in place to prevent the distribution of defective products, they are still being released on the market. If you or a loved was injured by a defective product, product liability laws may help you gain compensation for your damages. Product liability refers to a manufacturer or...[ read more ]
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What is Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Claim?

Pain Keeping Woman from Working
Pain and suffering is the legal term for the host of injuries that a person may suffer as a result of an accident. It includes not only physical pain, but emotional and mental injuries as well. Compensation for pain and suffering can only be obtained through a personal injury claim or lawsuit and is often difficult to determine the amount...[ read more ]
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