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How Bad Faith Claims Against Insurers Can Save A Personal Injury Case

The term "bad faith" has a lot of weight in the personal injury world. When an accident occurs, people typically first file a claim with their own insurance company. Claims cost insurance companies money, something that most shareholders dislike. While individual claims for personal injury may be small to large insurance companies, those small claims add up. At times, insurance...[ read more ]
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3 Key Personal Injury Legal Terms Explained

Legal terms can be one of the most confusing parts of hiring an attorney. Although part of the reason one might hire an attorney is because he or she can negotiate on your behalf, you still want to understand what he or she is communicating on your behalf. Understanding the key legal terms your attorney will use during your claim...[ read more ]
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What To Do When Your Car Is Hit By A Semi-Truck

Being in a car accident is frightening enough alone, but being hit by a semi-truck can make the situation even more dangerous and overwhelming. Who will be held accountable for your injuries and damages? Is it the individual driver or the company? Is that driver an independent contractor or one employed by the trucking company? All of these items factor...[ read more ]
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What To Do After an At Fault Accident

Being in an accident can create a lot of physical and emotional stress, and possibly even guilt when you think you may have contributed to the circumstances of that accident. No matter what the cause of the accident, it’s important to keep your reason steady, and seek out legal counsel even if you believe you are partially at fault. What...[ read more ]
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Car Accidents and Distracted Drivers

An accident can change or take a life in an instant. For drivers who text, talk on their phone, reach for a bite of a sandwich, or turn to talk to a passenger in the back seat – it may seem that one or two seconds will not make a difference - but a car travels 88 feet in one...[ read more ]
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Settling a Personal Injury Case Without A Lawyer

After a car accident or another type of incident that caused an injury, many people think they do not need an attorney. After all, they can simply make a claim with the insurance company and receive a payout - right? Unfortunately, many people who try to settle their own cases end up receiving far less than they deserve or need...[ read more ]
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What Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

  Many people who have been injured in an accident may believe it is not worthwhile to call an attorney because they think their case may not be worth enough. However, determining the value of a particular personal injury case can be a very complicated process and many accident victims significantly underestimate the value of their case. The best way...[ read more ]
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