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    Personal Injury Attorney Scottsdale AZ

    Yearin Law Office is your Personal Injury Attorney located in Scottsdale. Don Yearin brings over 25 years experience collecting over $40 million. Yearin Law Office is consistently receiving 5-Star reviews from clients, as a result of the high-level of service provided by Don. We provide hope & relief for those in physical and/or financial crisis, why settle for less? Call Don for a FREE Consult

    Car & Motorcycle Accidents

    Auto, truck & motorcycle accidents are always unfortunate. Arizona is a comparative fault state where vehicle owners can file a lawsuit and receive compensation for injuries suffered.

    Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

    Although nursing home laws protect the health & rights of residents, abuse & neglect continues to happen at an alarming rate & the majority of these violations are never reported.

    Wrongful Death

    When lives are disastrously changed because of a death caused by the negligence of another party, regaining of damages can’t sufficiently reimburse the loved ones left behind.

    Dog Bites

    People who have been attacked by a dog may suffer lacerations, nerve damage, scarring & disfigurement. Victims may also suffer psychological injuries such as anxiety or even PTSD.

    • Don has represented me more than once as the victim of an accident that was not my fault and he proved that to be the case both times. Grateful for his experience and knowledge, when my very good friend needed representation for a very bad accident she was in, I immediately referred them to Don. That was over 20 years ago and to this day, they still continue to thank me for giving them his name!

    • As a car accident victim, it was nice to have a lawyer who was professional, took charge, and respected my need to stay informed. Mr. Yearin’s experience and skill with the insurance industry prevented me from being taken advantage of. I highly recommend Yearin Law for anyone needing representation in a personal injury case

    • Don Yearin is the best attorney that I've ever worked with in 26 years of business. He has significantly helped me both on the plaintiff and defensive side. He's honest and ethical which is hard to find today. thanks for all that your do Don

    • A good friend of mine referred me to Donald Yearin. My friend was involved in an accident and was represented exceptionally well by Mr. Yearin. I decided to call Donald when my grandmother was involved in a bus accident. I chose Donald because of the way he represented my friend with his case. If you want someone who will work hard and get you results call Donald Yearin. He is an excellent communicator and will never give up on you.

    • Don Yearin has reperesented both my daughter and my wife in personal injury cases. In both cases in both cases our representation was professional and the settlements were fair. I would highly recommend Don Yearin.

    • Don is an excellent attorney and very professional. I was in a car accident that left me immobile for a period of time and would require me to get a hip replacement in the future. I had a different attorney working on my case but we felt he wasn't doing the best that he could. I later retained Don who gave my case more personal attention and time and was able to get me a significantly larger settlement.

    • I retained Don Year I thought my case would be easy.It ended up being a very difficult.Don and I went into court.He knew everything about my injury down to the last detail .Don blow the other attorney out of the water.I was so happy to have had him as my attorney.He stood by be even when I was ready to give up!! Thank you so much for all your hard work

    • I would highly recommend the Yearin Law Group when legal needs arise. The services are prompt and productive at all levels.

    • Don represented my daughter in a difficult wrongful death case of her mother. Don was first class all the way--smart and knowledgeable of the law and an excellent writer of motions and pleadings. He commands great respect from his peers. I highly recommend!

    • My family and I have used Don Yearin and the Yearin Law Group as our attorneys for more than 15 years on several different matters. Don Yearin provided excellent representation of my parents and was able to secure judgments against the trucking company for my mother, Elizabeth Becker, in the amount of 7.2 million and $300,000.00 for my father, Earl Becker. We highly recommend Don Yearin and the Yearin Law Group.

    • I was rear-ended by semi truck and had severe neck issues. Don was very professional took care of everything start to finish, and got me a very generous settlement. I would recommend him to family and friends alike. Thank you Don

    • You know Don Yearin is in your corner! He patiently took the time to thoroughly understand our situation and it is comforting to know that he is always fighting on our behalf. It is refreshing to have an attorney who is communicative and always accessible. His experience shows up not only in how he handles the case, but more importantly the results

    • Don Yearin and the Yearin Law Group represented me in a personally injury lawsuit when were hit by a semi-truck. Mr. Yearin also represented my daughter when she was involved in a roll-over accident. I have referred friends to Don Yearin and they have always been pleased with his representation. We were very pleased with the settlements Don Yearin obtained for us and I highly recommend him.

    • Don is an excellent attorney. I known him for over 20 years and used his services several times. He is aggressive and got the job done for me as well as my family.numerous times. He gives you confidence and peace of mind. I would give Don two thumbs up and highly recommend him to anyone dealing with complicated legal issues.

    • I was involved in an accident with some very unique circumstances. While others questioned whether I had any recourse at all, Don Yearin and the Yearin Law Group took on my very difficult case and took the time to understand my injuries and the impact on my family. He also retained several expert witnesses to prove negligence and my damages. We proceeded to a mediation where Don was able to secure a very generous settlement that made me and my family very happy. Thanks for everything Don!

    • "I retained Don Yearin and the Yearin law Group, to represent my personal injury case which was resolved in 2012. Mr. Yearin provided excellent representation and I was extremely pleased with the generous settlement he secured for me. Subsequently, I retained Mr. Yearin to assist with the negotiation of my employment contract. Mr. Yearin was very professional plus provided prompt and effective representation. I highly recommend Don Yearin."

    Yearin Law Office Personal Injury Attorney Services in Scottsdale

    Don Yearin is committed to winning cases. With over 25 years of experience and over $40 million collected, Don's oriented approach will provide you with all the guidance and help you’ll ever need.

    Personal injury cases are argued in civil court, meaning they do not require the same level of evidence as is required in criminal cases; however, that does not mean you should go to court without legal representation. Too many accident victims believe their claim is open-and-shut, that the evidence and their injuries will speak for themselves. Unfortunately, most cases do not work out this way, meaning the unprepared plaintiff almost always walks away with less than they needed or, worse, nothing.

    The Need for a Qualified Lawyer

    It is a statistical fact that personal injury claims argued by a lawyer result in more positive outcomes than claims made by ordinary citizens alone. The legal expertise required to argue a case does not disappear because a claim is considered civil rather than criminal. However, a lawyer should possess the right qualifications.

    Personal injury law is different from criminal law, and even within the category, there are specific niches or specializations. Before seeking legal representation, you need to ask yourself about your claim. What are the specifics of the case? Who is involved?

    If you are filing a workers’ compensation claim against your employer and their insurer, you do not want to hire a personal injury lawyer specializing in dog bite injuries. Instead, you want a lawyer with experience arguing your type of claim.

    Types of Personal Injury Cases

    The field of personal injury law is vast. You want to narrow your claim down to a specific subset or category to help you identify professionals with the expertise to help.

    There are several subsets of personal injury law. You may have grounds for a personal injury suit if you experienced any of the following:

    • An injury on someone else’s property. Property owners must take steps to keep their grounds safe under premises liability law.
    • An injury resulting from using a defective product. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers each have certain responsibilities when it comes to creating, marketing and selling products.
    • A car or truck accident. Motorists and commercial vehicle operators must follow the rules of the road and exercise caution around one another.
    • Medical malpractice. Doctors have a responsibility to provide treatment in accordance with a standard of care. Deviating from this standard is tantamount to negligence if it leads to injury.
    • Injuries that result from exposure to harmful or dangerous chemicals. This may occur in a work setting, in a rental home, or under other circumstances.
    • Injuries from a dog bite or animal attack.

    Don’t Mistake Hubris for Knowledge or Skill

    Most often, people choose to argue a personal injury claim alone because they want to save money. After all, lawyers can charge upwards of 30% of your winnings, depending on the complexity and length of the case.

    In most instances, a lawyer is worth their fee. While you might think you will save money and come out ahead going it alone, you will not. Lawyers provide a distinct advantage in that they understand the intricacies of the law.

    Sure, an individual can study hard until the settlement negotiations start or the beginning of a trial. Still, their brief experience with law books and legal terminology does not compare to the years a lawyer spends honing their craft and narrowing their specialization. Do not underestimate the value of a legal, educated mind.

    Are you considering filing a personal injury lawsuit? If so, contact our personal injury lawyer at Yearin Law Office and schedule a consultation.

    The Need for a Qualified Lawyer

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