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Bird Scooter Accident Attorney Scottsdale, AZ

Bird Scooter Accident Attorney Scottsdale, AZ Man with injured arm

If you have been injured while riding a Bird scooter, it is time to seek the help of a Bird scooter accident attorney Scottsdale, AZ trusts from Yearin Law Office. We understand the trauma you may be dealing with after being in an accident and you may be suffering from serious injuries that require medical attention or a hospital stay. When you are recovering from these injuries, it is important that you leave the legal parts up to us so that you can work on getting your life back to normal. Interested in learning more about Bird scooter accidents and how we can help? Contact us now. 

I was in an accident on a Bird scooter on someone else’s property. Who is the liable party?

That’s a great question and it all comes down to how the accident occurred. If the accident occurred because there was a problem with the scooter (it was made poorly, one of the parts was broken) then you will most likely work with us to file a claim against the Bird scooter company. On the other hand, if you were riding your Bird scooter on someone else’s property and became injured because they did not maintain their property well or because someone else caused the accident, you would direct your claim at the property owner or third party. Our personal injury attorney Scottsdale, AZ relies on knows that determining liability is extremely important. 

What should I do if I believe that the Bird scooter was defective? 

When you believe that the Bird scooter you were riding on was defective, you and your attorney may determine that a product liability claim is the way to go. Following the accident, there are certain steps you should take:

  • Keep the scooter. You want to make sure you have the evidence showing the product is defective. Make sure you also take pictures and notes. 
  • Get medical help. Whenever you are in any type of personal injury accident, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to seek medical help. This will help your claim and help you recover from your injuries. 
  • Report the accident. You should contact Bird to report the accident after it happened. Remember, you do not want to divulge too much information or tell them you are “fine” after the accident. 
  • Call your attorney. Seek help from your personal injury attorney as soon as you can. The quicker you work with them, the quicker you can file your accident claim.

Were you injured in a Bird scooter accident? Contact the trusted Scottsdale, Arizona Bird scooter accident attorney from Yearin Law Office now.