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Truck Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Truck Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Truck Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZSeeking the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the best steps you can take after an accident.

Finding yourself in a car accident is a terrible situation. Being hit by a big rig can be downright terrifying. Usually, these types of accidents are more severe and cause greater injury because of the size of the truck.

What you do after you’re hit by a truck can impact your ability to recover and get back on your feet. Contact the team at Yearin Law Office to review your case. It won’t cost you anything for an initial consultation.

Get a Police Report

Having a police report will give you documentation you need showing your accident with the truck. The police report will usually not lay out blame for the accident – that’s for the insurance companies to decide. A police officer can issue a citation, though, and that will help your case. Truck drivers are deemed professional drivers and when they are involved in an accident, they are given more scrutiny than you.

Having a police report is important so your insurance company can battle with the truck driver’s insurance company about fault. Many times, it’s clear from the report who the at-fault driver is and other times it requires back and forth. Your Scottsdale, AZ truck accident lawyer will comb through this report to pull out all information that will benefit your case.

Make Sure You’re Alright

Truck accidents cause serious injuries. While your injuries may not be immediately apparent, seek medical attention.

Just like a police report documents the facts of your car accident, a doctor will document your injuries from the truck accident. This medical report will be used by your insurance company to attempt to get you more compensation for your serious injuries. It will also be used by your truck accident lawyer Scottsdale, AZ to fight for your rights.

Take Pictures of the Accident

Once you assess your injuries, if you’re able to take pictures, do so. But don’t post these pictures on social media. And don’t put yourself in more danger by taking pictures.

Make sure you get pictures of:

  • The truck
  • Your car
  • The scene
  • Your injuries

Speak to Witnesses

If there were witnesses to your accident, get their contact information. If they can stay at the scene to give police a statement, that is the best outcome.

If witnesses are unable to stay at the scene, make sure you get their contact information. Your insurance company will attempt to speak with them to verify the information you provide. Witnesses can also help determine fault by their recollection of the events of your truck accident. Your Scottsdale, AZ truck accident lawyer will also contact these witnesses to boost your case.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

You deserve the skilled and trusted representation of the Yearin Law Office to help you recover for your injuries from the truck accident. Our clients have trusted us for more than 25 years to help them recover damages from the at-fault driver. We are here to help take the stress of the legal issues off your shoulders so you can focus on your recovery.

We can help you recover damages that will get you back on your feet. We will try to collect for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Vehicle repairs

Contact us today for your consultation with the experienced team at the Yearin Law Office. Our truck accident laywer Scottsdale, AZ looks forward to helping you.