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Scottsdale, AZ Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Scottsdale, AZ Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Scottsdale, AZ Motorcycle Accident LawyerThere are many reasons why motorcycles crash but one common cause that a Scottsdale, Arizona motorcycle accident lawyer sees is road hazards. These can include weather, the condition of the road, or how the road was designed. Anyone of these can be a factor in a motorcycle accident.

It is critical to safe riding that a motorcycle is able to maintain a strong grip on a high-friction and solid surface of the road in order for the driver to keep the motorcycle control. If there are hazardous conditions present on the road, then it greatly spikes the risk of a motorcycle crash. The Yearin Law Office has helped many riders who have encountered all types of road conditions. This article explains some of the more common types of road hazards that clients of our Scottsdale, AZ motorcycle accident lawyer have endured.

Uneven Roads

Most motorcyclists can travel over uneven surfaces with little to no problems. However, it is important that riders be much more cautious on these types of roads. A car hitting a pothole can cause serious damage to the vehicle, but the driver usually suffers no injuries. But a motorcyclist who hits a pothole can suffer a catastrophic injury. The impact can cause the rider to be thrown from the bike and be severely injured. A pothole or an uneven surface can cause a rider to lose control of the motorcycle and be seriously hurt.

Roads That Are Slick

Driving on roads that are wet and slippery also poses serious dangers to motorcycle riders. Any sliding can cause these smaller vehicles to crash and injure the driver. Wet roads can also cause different driving maneuvers to become risky, such as taking a turn. Any time a motorcycle finds themselves on a wet road, they need to slow down and be extra vigilant to maintain control of the bike. Failure to do often results in the dangerous condition of hydroplaning where the wheels of the vehicle are unable to grip the road. Any Scottsdale, AZ motorcycle accident lawyer knows that this can be a deadly situation on a motorcycle.  

Road Debris and Gravel

Gravel on the road is very dangerous for motorcycles but is unfortunately far too common. A road covered in gravel and a motorcycle traveling at high speeds often result in a rider losing control of the bike, especially if the driver does not have a lot of experience driving in these conditions. Debris that is in the road can also cause the rider to lose control of their vehicle as they swerve to avoid hitting the debris.

If a rider drives into these situations, it is important to remember to slow down and try to drive a straight line and only use their back brake. These steps will help avoid losing control and crashing the bike.


Unfortunately, animals on the road can be unavoidable no matter the vehicle you are driving. When you hit a squirrel or other small animal in a passenger vehicle, only the animal suffers the tragedy. But when you hit a squirrel while driving a motorcycle, it can throw the bike off balance and you can lose control and crash.

When it comes to larger animals, such as a deer, even passenger vehicles can sustain a lot of damage. However, it often results in severe injuries or death if a deer and motorcycle collide.

Trying to avoid hitting an animal can also result in a serious crash for a motorcyclist. That swerving can cause them to lose control and be thrown from the bike or they could swerve into another vehicle. Both scenarios can mean horrific injuries for the rider.

Working With a Scottsdale, AZ Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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