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Brain Injury Lawyer Scottsdale AZ

Brain Injury Lawyer Scottsdale AZ

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A Scottsdale, AZ brain injury lawyer from Yearin Law Office knows that to suffer a brain injury is difficult enough on its own. You have a lot on your plate after an accident and when that accident leads to a TBI, you will most likely be preoccupied with medical treatment. When it is at the fault of someone else’s negligence or intentional act, however, you may deserve compensation.

To make it more difficult, if you hear that your brain injury is irreversible, you may feel like there isn’t any hope. After all, it may feel like there is little that doctors can do for you. The truth is that there are probably treatments that can help you with your TBI. No matter whether or not your TBI is reversible, there are legal measures that you can take. Speak with our trusted brain injury lawyer Scottsdale, AZ residents rely on. 

What Are Long-Term Effects?
When it comes to brain injuries, the symptoms do not always disappear. Some injuries can be treated, but that isn’t the case for every TBI. Sometimes, TBIs can become worse over time. Not all brain injuries get better or can be treated extensively. You could suffer from the following:

  • Permanent memory loss
  • Loss of coordination
  • Impaired speaking and language skills
  • Paralysis and partial paralysis
  • Loss of cognitive function
  • Mood swings and behavioral changes

It can be difficult to hear that your brain injury may never heal entirely. Fortunately, there are rehabilitative treatments and medications that can help make your life easier. The truth is that your life can change entirely after a brain injury. You could lose your job, could lose physical function, and more.

What Is Compensation For?

A Scottsdale, AZ brain injury lawyer knows that compensation is not necessarily for a cure for your injury. It is for the treatment of your injury. If your brain injury is irreversible, you can still seek compensation for the medical costs, pain and suffering, and more. If you lost wages or lost your position due to your brain injury, you can seek compensation for lost wages and for any training for a new job. You can even file for compensation that covers predicted future costs for your injury.

Work with Our Brain Injury Lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ Now!

After you suffer a TBI, there is always hope. Even when there is irreversible damage you can still file a lawsuit and seek compensation. What matters when it comes to your brain injury is that you can prove that the injury occurred at the fault or negligence of another person or organization. To find out if you have a case, then you should consult with a brain injury lawyer Scottsdale, AZ recommends from Yearin Law Office as soon as possible.

If you have suffered a brain injury, you have already gone through so much. Don’t try to handle your legal claim against the negligent party on your own. These types of lawsuits are incredibly complex and require someone with knowledge and experience to navigate them. Here are several reasons why you should hire a brain injury lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ.

You Have A Lot at Stake

Suffering a brain injury can severely change your life. Even if the injury was moderate, you can expect to receive thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills. From surgery to rehabilitation, treating a brain injury costs a lot of money and you may be paying the medical bills for years.

If you’re unable to return to work because of the injury, you may have extreme difficulty paying these bills. That’s one of the most important reasons why you should have an experienced brain injury lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ on your side. He or she has handled cases like yours in the past and knows what it takes to have a successful claim. With a lawyer by your side, you have a better chance of getting your medical bills paid.

You Will Have Less Stress

Recovering from a brain injury can be very difficult. When you have the added stress of dealing with a lawsuit, your situation becomes even more overwhelming. If you hire a brain injury lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, he or she will handle all the legwork for you. Instead of focusing on the lawsuit, you can concentrate on relaxing and taking care of your health. The sooner you recover, the sooner you can go back to living your normal life.

Proving Liability and Damages Isn’t Easy

Whether your brain injury was due to a fall or car accident, proving liability can be difficult. It can also be challenging to prove damages because the costs incurred by brain injury victims are so high. The insurance company may do whatever they can to avoid paying you what you deserve. A skilled brain injury lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ has experience negotiating with insurance companies and obtaining strong evidence, so it’s important to have one on your side.

You’ll Have Representation in Court

Lawyers try to settle brain injury cases out of court if it’s possible. However, if the insurance company isn’t willing to provide you a fair settlement, it’s in your best interest to take your case to trial. That’s when it becomes extra important to have an experienced brain injury lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ on your side. Going into a courtroom can be very intimidating and it helps to have someone knowledgeable and experienced standing next to you. Your lawyer will try his or her hardest to prove the damages in court and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

3 Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

There are two types of injuries to the brain. While both can cause serious damage, they have different causes. Acquired brain injury is nontraumatic in nature. It occurs due to factors such as tumor, stroke, or oxygen deprivation. Traumatic brain injuries occur due to sudden force. Acquired brain injuries could potentially result from the careless actions of others, while traumatic brain injuries may be inflicted on purpose. Despite this potential overlap, when most people talk about brain injuries from accidents, they are usually talking about traumatic brain injuries.

1. Shaking

Violent back-and-forth movement is not good for the brain at any age. However, it can be particularly dangerous in children under the age of 2 because they already have difficulty supporting their heads as their neck muscles are still developing. As a result of abusive shaking by a parent or caregiver, the brain can start bleeding, swelling, or become bruised. Possible long-term effects of shaken baby syndrome, as it is called, include cerebral palsy, seizures, and developmental delays.

2. Blunt Force

Blunt force is when the head makes forceful contact with an object that does not penetrate the skull. An injury involving blunt force can cause different types of damage. A contusion is bleeding or bruising of the brain. If the blood collects in the skull, it can stick together and form a hematoma, which is a mass of blood that can put pressure on the brain and typically has to be removed surgically. A concussion can impair the function of the brain. While this is usually temporary, a concussion may have long-term effects that can be serious.

While damage from a blunt force injury can be serious, it can also be difficult to identify. There is typically no bleeding open wound, and symptoms may take a while to develop. Blunt force injuries may result from the following:

  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Falls from height
  • Contact with an object that falls
  • Intentional blows to the head with a weapon or a person’s fists

3. Penetrating Injury

A penetrating injury is an open head wound caused by an object that penetrates the skull. It is in contrast to the closed head injuries that may result from blunt force. A foreign object that penetrates the skull may be something like a knife or a bullet from a gun. Potentially, any object that is sharp enough and has enough force behind it could cause a penetrating injury.

Life may never be the same for you after a traumatic brain injury, but it may be possible to hold the person responsible to account. Contact our office for assistance with a personal injury involving a TBI.