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Arizona Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

Arizona Auto Accident Injury Lawyer Arizona Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

At Yearin Law Office, our Arizona auto accident injury lawyer is here to help you after you have been hurt in a car accident. We know that things can be complicated and downright scary after an auto accident, especially if you have not been in this situation before. You may be dealing with buying a new car, taking time off work, going to and from medical appointments, and physically and emotionally recovering after a wreck. Why add another thing to your plate? Instead of fighting with the other driver’s insurance company to get what is likely to be minimal compensation, contact our auto accident injury lawyer in Arizona to ask us about representing you. We believe that after an auto accident, you deserve the fullest amount of compensation possible. 

What if my injuries are not obvious?

One of the most complicated things that can happen after a car accident is getting injuries that are not obvious. In fact, if you have injuries that are not immediately noticeable and your car is not seriously damaged, you might be convinced that you do not need to file a claim at all. However, one of the most important factors to consider after a car accident is the amount of adrenaline running through your body. Many people can do things they normally would not after an injury because they have so much adrenaline. However, when that adrenaline finally wears off, you may begin feeling the extent of the damage. This is why it is important not to discuss how you feel with the other driver, their lawyer, or their insurance agent. You may feel fine right after the accident but the next day your injuries may leave you unable to get out of bed. 

Car Accidents and Concussions 

Our auto accident injury lawyer Arizona offers knows that one of the most silent and harmful types of injuries you can get after a car accident is a concussion. This is a type of traumatic brain injury and if you leave it unchecked, it could cause permanent and irreversible damage. Common symptoms of a concussion after a car accident are:

  • A headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea
  • Vision problems
  • Problems remembering information
  • Foggy thinking

What kind of injuries can you get from a car accident?

We understand that after you have been in a car accident, if you do not have any obvious injuries your mind is probably flooding with other things you think are a priority: how did this happen? How will I get to work? How will I pay for the damage done to my car? Are my kids in the backseat okay? There are many thoughts probably going through your head but it is important to take a minute to breathe and assess yourself for damage. You may not think you have been badly injured if you are not in serious pain or bleeding. However, head and brain injuries can sneak up on you even if you are not immediately showing signs. 

Common Head and Brain Injuries

Because of the motion that your head and neck go through when you are in an accident, you may overextend your muscles and tendons in your neck or you may hit your head against something in the car. There are a few common head injuries you may experience if you have been in an auto accident. 

  • A Concussion. As noted above, probably one of the most common types of injuries after a car accident, a concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can range from mild to severe. Concussions can be particularly dangerous because you may not even know you have one. If you begin experiencing dizziness, fatigue, nausea, slurred speech, or confusion after an accident, you should seek medical help right away. 
  • A Penetration Wound. This kind of injury will likely be more obvious because it happens when an object penetrates your head. Most people have loose objects lying around in their car and do not realize how dangerous they can be if they get into an accident. A penetration wound can cause a large amount of blood loss, seizures, amnesia, paralysis, or worse. 
  • A Contusion. When your head hits something in the car (like the side window), you may bruise your brain and not even realize it. When this happens, you may have slurred speech, difficulty concentrating, and an inability to form new memories. 
  • Coup-Countercoup. When you are in a more serious car accident and your neck whips back and forth, it may cause your brain to hit both sides of your skull damaging both sides of your brain. This can cause brain bleeding or swelling, seizures, fatigue, confusion, and mood disturbances, among other extremely dangerous symptoms.

Our Arizona auto accident injury lawyer believes that the two people who can help you most after an auto accident are your doctor and your attorney. Your doctor can provide us with the evidence we need to show that you have sustained injuries after the accident and we can use that evidence to show you deserve compensation. Do not do this on your own. Instead, call Yearin Law Office to speak with our Arizona auto accident injury lawyer now.

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