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Big-Rig Accident Lawyer Scottsdale AZ

Big-Rig Accident Lawyer Scottsdale AZ

Big-Rig-Accident-Lawyer-Scottsdale-AZ-wooden-gavel-on-table.jpegAre you in need of a big rig accident lawyer in Scottsdale AZ? If you are, try Don Yearin of Yearin Law Office. He has more than 25 years of litigation experience. To date, he’s earned his clients more than 50 million in case results. If you’d like to speak with him, contact him here

How Much Is My Big Rig Accident Worth?

Your personal injury case may be worth thousands or millions. Generally, you can seek recovery for medical expenses, cost of ambulance transportation, lost wages, lost earning capacity, need for a caretaker, physical therapy costs, emotional therapy costs, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, loss of consortium between you and your spouse, and more.

Who Can I Sue For My Accident?

Multiple parties can be sued in one civil suit. Whom you can sue depends on the circumstances of your case regarding. For example, suppose that the irresponsible big rig driver is an independent contractor. In this case, it’s unlikely you can sue the trucking company employer through vicarious liability. Vicarious liability is a theory that allows you to hold the employer liable for the employee’s actions. Normally, you can sue for a larger compensatory damages amount if you go after the employer. But this theory doesn’t apply to independent contractors.

Yet, if the negligent big rig driver is an employee, you can sue the driver and trucking company. Typically, you’ll sue the trucking company for negligent hiring. Any agency has a duty to make employees undergo a background check and assessment. Let’s say that a big rig driver has been convicted of drunk driving previously. In this case, it’s negligent to hire that driver, especially if the offense was recent. 

Exceptions apply to the law of vicarious liability. Suppose the work day had ended for the at-fault truck driver, but the truck driver continued to use the vehicle for activities unrelated to work. During this time, that driver injured you. In this case, it’s unlikely you can go after the employer because the driver was in transit for non-work reasons and without employer permission. However, you can apply vicarious liability if a big rig driver hit you after business hours when the employer requested that the driver make one final delivery. In other words, so long as the driver injured you during work hours or while carrying out a work-related task, you can go after the employer. 

Of course, exceptions apply. Therefore, you should speak with a qualified big rig accident lawyer in Scottsdale AZ to ensure that your rights are protected. A less experienced lawyer won’t make as diligent arguments. A less seasoned personal injury lawyer won’t have a clear grasp of the law.

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Don’t let this big rig truck driver go unpunished. After all, your collision may be worth millions. Even if the judge awards you a lower amount, it is the defendant’s duty to cover the costs of your medical expenses and emotional damages. Only a personal injury lawyer as knowledgeable as Don Yearin can be trusted to win your case and see to it that the defendant makes you whole again. Call us today to take advantage of your free consultation. We’ll provide you with the best big rig truck accident lawyer Scottsdale AZ has in town.

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