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What to do if injured by a drowsy driver

Girl Yawning in Car
A staggering 60% of drivers will get behind the wheel while they are feeling drowsy. Another 33% of adults admit to actually falling asleep at the wheel. Those who are sleep deprived act very similarly to drunk drivers. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation reports that being awake for 18 hours is like having a .05 blood alcohol content. The...[ read more ]
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Protection From The Uninsured And Under Insured

Unfortunately, not all drivers in Arizona have automobile insurance and even more drivers have minimal coverage limits that are insufficient to compensate an accident victim who sustains a serious injury. Accordingly, you should always purchase uninsured and under insured motorist coverage with your automobile insurance policy with coverage limits of at least $100,000. Uninsured and under insured coverages are relatively...[ read more ]
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Is Your Insurance Company Acting In Bad Faith?

After a car accident, people are told to call their insurance company. People buy insurance so that they can be protected should something bad happen. Sometimes, however, the company that should be protecting them becomes the adversary. When the insurance company makes the claims process too difficult, then the company may be acting in bad faith. What Is Bad Faith?...[ read more ]
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4 Damage Multipliers To Look Out For In Vehicle Accidents

Getting into an accident typically results in the victim having expenses and damages. The expenses may be property damage, medical costs, bodily injury, or emotional trauma. Before a claim goes to trial, it goes to an insurance company which evaluates the claim for settlement. Insurance companies often rely on a formula or software to determine damages. What is a damages...[ read more ]
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4 Factors To Know About Fault In Vehicle Accidents

Personal injury law revolves around the idea of fault. While the word fault may remind people of children tattling on a playground, the legal term "fault" has a specific meaning. Under the law, legal fault often refers to types of negligence: 1. What is the duty owed? The first step to determining fault is determining whether the defendant owed the...[ read more ]
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How To Determine Damages In A Personal Injury Case

MVA Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ
Determining damages in an accident seems easy from a distance. However, once an accident occurs, the different types of damages and the calculation of those damages can feel overwhelming. When trying to bring a lawsuit for injuries arising out of an accident, people need to understand the different types of damages available and how to calculate them. Therefore, hiring an...[ read more ]
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How To Recover The Cost Of Whiplash In A Personal Injury Case In Arizona

After a serious car accident, whiplash can be a common injury. With the additional medical expenses including physical therapy, the cost can become exceedingly straining for an individual's budget. Often times, filing a personal injury claim for whiplash seems to be the only way forward. Below are some suggestions regarding how to claim whiplash in a personal injury case. What...[ read more ]
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What Documents Do I Need For My Personal Injury Case In Arizona?

After a accident, it's hard to work with the insurance company and their claims process. At a certain point, it's simply time to file a lawsuit, but what information is needed in order to hire a lawyer and pursue a case? To make the most out of a meeting with an attorney, it is important to compile some background evidence to...[ read more ]
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What Is Needed To Prove Injury In Slip and Fall At A Business

No one enjoys grocery shopping, but a slip and fall injury in aisle three turns the chore physically painful. When visiting a business premises, the business owes “invitees” a certain level of care. A slip and fall that leads to injury may be the result of a business that failed to use reasonable care to maintain its premises in a...[ read more ]
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How Bad Faith Claims Against Insurers Can Save A Personal Injury Case

The term "bad faith" has a lot of weight in the personal injury world. When an accident occurs, people typically first file a claim with their own insurance company. Claims cost insurance companies money, something that most shareholders dislike. While individual claims for personal injury may be small to large insurance companies, those small claims add up. At times, insurance...[ read more ]
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