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June 05, 2013

Don Yearin Obtains Another 1 Million Dollar Personal Injury Recovery on May 23, 2013

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On May 23, 2013 Don Yearin and the Yearin Law Group had an incredibly successful mediation resulting in a 1 million dollar settlement for client, Mary Mason. Mrs. Mason sustained a severe mid foot fracture with extensive tibia tendon damage in an accident where she was struck by a commercial trucker. Mrs. Mason was forced to undergo five surgical procedures and has suffered significant foot/leg disfigurement, physcial limitations and chronic pain. Although Mrs. Mason’s medical expences were merely $90,000.00, we retained a life care planner who authored a report than Mary would need substantial future medical care and other accident related expenses.

What truly sold the case was a cutting edge video filmed where Don Yearin questioned Mrs. Mason’s Orthopedic Physician, Dr. Victoria Stevens, regarding the nature and extent of Mary’s injuries. The video provided a visual demonstration of the disfugurement and limitations which Mary suffers from on a daily basis. In the video, Dr. Stevens and Don Yearin review several post accident x-rays showing the fractures, metal implants and fusions which were implanted or constructed during the five surgical procedures. A one million dollar recovery for a foot injury is very rare and substantial. CONGRATULATIONS MARY MASON.

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