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June 22, 2016

Injured in an Accident? 3 Reasons to call an Attorney Right Now

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If you have been hurt in an accident, you are probably in pain and worried about how you are going to be able to pay your medical expenses and other bills, especially if your injuries are serious enough to prevent you from working. You may be wondering whether or not you need to retain a lawyer, but may be hesitant to do so because you are worried about the costs or be unsure whether you need one. Accident victims should always speak with an attorney – 3 of the most important reasons why are discussed below

You Have Nothing to Lose by Calling a Lawyer

Personal injury attorneys almost invariably take cases on a contingent fee-basis, which means that you will not owe anything in legal fees unless your lawyer is able to obtain a settlement or award on your behalf. In addition, any legal fees that you pay will come out of the settlement or award that you receive, which means that you will never need to pay for your legal representation out of your own pocket. Finally, there is no cost associated with meeting with a lawyer to have your case evaluated, so you have nothing to lose by talking to an attorney to determine whether you have a case at all.

The Insurance Company is Not on Your Side

If you have been hurt in an accident caused by someone else or a business, it is likely that you have already been contacted by an insurance company offering to settle your case. Understand this – the insurance company has one goal, and that is to minimize the amount it pays you for your claim. When you retain a lawyer, he or she will analyze your case and get a good idea of what it is worth, forcing the insurance company to make a reasonable settlement offer or go to trial.

Waiting can Result in the Loss or Destruction of Evidence

In the event that your case is contested, you will need to present evidence that tends to show that the other party was negligent. If you wait to file a claim, you risk the loss or destruction of evidence that supports your case. For example, memories fade, surveillance footage is deleted, cars are repaired, and people regularly clean out the pictures on their smartphones. For this reason, you should call a lawyer as soon as you can after being injured in an accident.

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Preventable accidents have the potential to result in significant economic and non-economic losses, including medical bills, physical and emotional pain and suffering, lost income, and loss of quality of life. In many cases, a skilled attorney can help you recover for these or any other losses you have sustained. To schedule a free consultation with a Scottsdale personal injury attorney, call the Yearin Law Group today at 480-502-0708.

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