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Auto Accident Attorney Arizona

Auto Accident Attorney Arizona Car accidents can cause many problems. You may be on your way to a doctor’s appointment, a business meeting, or bringing your child home from daycare. No matter where you are going, a car accident can make you feel like you are no longer safe when you are leaving your house, an idea that can be...[ read more ]
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Bodily Injury Law Firm Arizona

Bodily Injury Law Firm Arizona Suffering from an injury after you have been in an accident can be devastating. Not only could you be suffering from physical injuries, but you may also be suffering from emotional trauma as well. This can make you feel more exposed, especially if insurance agents are calling you all the time to try and settle...[ read more ]
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Personal Injury Claim Attorney Arizona

Personal Injury Claim Attorney Arizona When you want to know the basics of a personal injury claim attorney Arizona residents trust. It´s necessary to make sure you have all the facts. This means getting answers to questions like: What should I do immediately after an accident?  Do I need an attorney?  What does it mean to be in a personal...[ read more ]
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Bicycle Accident Attorney Arizona

Bicycle Accident Attorney Arizona Getting into a bicycle accident can mean that the injuries you are suffering from are severe. While many personal injury accidents can leave a person needing a trip to the hospital, because of how exposed you are riding on a bicycle and how big a car is, you may be suffering from more than broken bones....[ read more ]
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Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Arizona

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Arizona Hit and run accidents can be complicated and frustrating because they can leave the victim in a very bad situation without much to do about it. Most people would like to believe that when a person hits their car, they have the decency to stop and see if everyone is okay. When this is...[ read more ]
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Why Do Bankruptcy Exemptions Matter?

Personal Injury Lawyer If you don’t earn much income, you may be eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as opposed to Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While virtually anyone is permitted to file for debt relief under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, only those who earn a minimal amount of income are permitted to file for debt relief under Chapter...[ read more ]
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Four Things To Do Immediately After You Get Into A Car Wreck

Getting into a car wreck sucks.  Let’s face it.  Your day is destroyed.  Your car is destroyed.  You and your loved ones may be seriously injured.  There is nothing enjoyable about the experience at all.  Now, you have to start dealing with other people’s insurance companies.  Your insurance company.  Taking your car to get repaired.  Having to go to the...[ read more ]
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Nursing Home Lawyer FAQ: I signed an arbitration agreement, can I still pursue compensation if my elderly loved one has been abused?

Lawyers  unfortunately receive calls every day about suspected abuse and neglect in nursing homes. Many of these calls come from concerned family members who identified the alleged abuse, and are now wondering what they should do. One of the most common questions law firms get asked is regarding arbitration agreements, and what happens if one has been signed.  A majority...[ read more ]
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Options for Paying Bills Without Medical Insurance After a Car Accident

You may not have health insurance at the time of your car accident, or you may lose it along with your job if you are no longer able to work afterward. In either case, you may wonder what you are supposed to do about the medical bills that are piling up. If you are not at fault for the accident,...[ read more ]
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