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When should I hire a personal injury attorney in Scottsdale, AZ?

Common Questions in Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney Charge?

Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured through the negligence of another person or at a business, hiring an attorney to fight your legal case can seem out of reach. Many types of attorneys, such as those that handle criminal cases or family law, ask for a retainer or hourly fee to handle your business. You might make a down payment for services. The attorney deduct their fee from that amount until your business is concluded. Personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee arrangement.

What are Contingency Fee Agreements?

In a contingency fee, the attorney’s fees are based on a percentage of the amount that is awarded in the case. The attorney doesn’t take any money from you upfront, but waits until the case is settled. The attorney assumes the risk of the case. If the attorney doesn’t get you a settlement, there is no fee for the attorney. Contingency fee cases are usually when a large amount of money is involved. You can’t make a contingency fee arrangement in a divorce or if you are being sued.

What Does the Attorney Charge?

The attorney takes a percentage of the amount that is awarded in the case. Although these percentages vary, one-third of the settlement is common. Some attorneys use a sliding scale. The farther the case proceeds, the more the contingency fee percentage, up to a certain amount. During the first meeting with an attorney, you should discuss the contingency fee. Any contract you sign with an attorney should outline what fees and costs you are responsible for in your case.

Should You Employ an Attorney For Your Case?

One-third of your settlement may seem like a huge amount, but you have to determine whether your case is worth it or not. In some claims, the insurance company may only be offering a small amount for your injuries. If your case is worth more, an attorney can help negotiate a larger settlement. If you don’t have a lot of injuries and property damages, it may not make sense to hire an attorney.

A consultation with a personal injury attorney from Yearin Law Firm doesn’t cost you anything. This can help you decide whether your case is worth pursuing with an attorney or not. If you aren’t confident with the settlement offered by the other insurance company, you can get information when you make an appointment with an attorney. This can give you peace of mind that you’re taking the right steps in your situation.

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