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July 25, 2022

Workers Comp Claim Mistakes 

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Injuries that occur in the workplace can cause you many problems. Knowing what to do for your workers’ compensation claim is often hard for many people who are not knowledgeable about the process. There are many steps that you need to take, but it can be common to make mistakes. As a reputable and highly skilled lawyer can explain, you must be aware of common errors to avoid so that your claim won’t get thrown out. 

Not Seeking Medical Help 

No matter what kind of injury you have suffered, you must seek medical attention immediately and get treated. This is true even if you have a small cut or bruise. It is important to see a doctor so that they can evaluate you and conduct a thorough exam. There may be symptoms that could be delayed, such as a concussion. Only a doctor or other medical professional can accurately diagnose any injuries you have sustained. Delaying medical attention may invite further scrutiny into your claim, and the insurance company can argue that you did not suffer a serious injury because of your inaction.

Delaying Your Incident Report 

Once you have been in an accident in your workplace, you must report the accident right away. There’s a common mistake for workers to delay reporting that an accident occurred to their employer. Taking prompt and urgent action after an accident shows that you took it seriously. The sooner you can provide details to your employer, the sooner you can proceed to the next steps. Once they have information about the accident, they will tell you what else you need to do so that you can proceed to file your claim. 

 Not Following Up on Claim Status 

Submitting your claim to your employer promptly is crucial. When filing a claim, many people make the mistake of not checking in after to follow up. You must relay updates to your employer as you receive new information regarding your medical condition, treatment, and other related details. As a workers compensation lawyer can speak more about, common errors in claims include missing or old information.

Misrepresenting Your Injuries 

You need to be honest about your injuries when you report them in your claim. If you make misleading or false statements about the nature of your injuries, your claim could be at risk of being rejected. It is a criminal offense to lie about a worker’s compensation claim because it is a form of fraud, so you could be subject to fines if you do so. 

Hiring a skilled and competent lawyer allows you to avoid many of the mistakes described above. Explore your legal options before it is too late. Learn more about how a qualified lawyer can help you by now set up a consultation with a lawyer near you. 

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