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Auto Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Auto Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Auto Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

It isn’t required that victims of car accidents obtain legal representation, however, it is highly advisable to speak with an auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona from Yearin Law Office about your case. Seeking legal insight can go a long way towards getting the compensation you deserve for injuries, damages, and losses.

The Yearin Law Office can assist you as you file a claim with your insurance company, in addition to providing guidance if you’d like to pursue legal action against the offending driver. There are many ways to overcome this setback, and we are already geared with the experience and strategy to help get you through.

Accepting an Insurance Settlement

As your car accident claim is being handled, you may receive a settlement offer. Keep in mind that car insurance agencies are a for-profit business, and are likely to initially offer an amount that is way below what you deserve. We encourage victims of car wrecks to consult with an auto accident lawyer from Scottsdale before agreeing to any settlements. The Yearin Law Office can help ensure that you are receiving a fair amount.

Determining What You Can Collect

Many people don’t know how to determine what they deserve in terms of monetary compensation for their vehicle accident. Perhaps you had to get your car fixed, paid medical bills to get injuries treated, and lost out on pay from missing work to recover. Depending on the circumstances of the collision, there are various damages we can help you file for, including:

  • Lost Wages: missing work for doctor’s appointments, rest, procedures, surgery, etc. Used sick time/vacation hours may be calculated into lost wages.
  • Reduced Earning Capacity: when the injuries caused an inability to perform job duties as normal and earn a reasonable income, either short or long-term.
  • Pain and Suffering: victims may be eligible for additional monetary compensation depending on the degree of emotional distress they endured due to the accident.
  • Future Medical Costs: how much it may cost in the future to treat injuries related to the accident.
  • Punitive Damages: the victim may be entitled to punitive damages if it can be proven with evidence that the driver was being careless or malicious.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit with Our Trusted Scottsdale, AZ Auto Accident Lawyer

The driver responsible for the car accident may be liable for your damages, but insurance companies only pay as much as the driver’s policy allows. After that, any other losses accrued by the victim may have to be handled through a civil lawsuit. An AZ auto accident lawyer from Scottsdale can help you decide whether this is the right route for you, depending on the factors of the accident and potential award.

If you or someone you care about has recently been in an accident where they have faced financial hardships, property damage, and injuries, please contact our law firm. We at the Yearin Law Office can imagine the depth of financial ruin you may have experienced due to the accident, and will do what is within our capabilities to see that you recover. When you need a lawyer you can count on, call the Yearin Law Office for support.

Common Mistakes Accident Victims Make Following a Drunk Driving Accident

Falling victim to a drunk driving accident in the state of Arizona can be not only tragic but discombobulating. Depending on the severity of the injuries you sustained, it may even be difficult to respond in the appropriate manner following the accident. While our Scottsdale, AZ auto accident lawyer says there are clear steps accident victims should take to help their case run smoothly, at times, the stress of an accident can cause victims to make mistakes.

Our team at the Yearin Law Office wants you to be aware that there are a number of common mistakes that an accident victim can make following a drunk driving accident:

Mistake #1 Not Contacting the Police

The police can provide your case with key evidence that may be needed when facing an accident claim. Not only will the police report outline important details surrounding the crash, it is also the opportunity to hold a drunk driver legally accountable for the damage they have caused. Without police presence, it may be difficult to prove that the person who hit you was intoxicated.

Mistake #2 Taking Accountability or Admitting Fault

Most people are honest when speaking with the police or others regarding the accident. However, our Scottsdale auto accident lawyer will tell you that making even the slightest apology or admission of fault can seriously impact your case. Defense attorneys looking to put the blame on you may take advantage of statements you made to police or others. These statements may be ones made at the scene to observers, other passengers or to law enforcement. In the period of time following the accident, say as little as possible, it’s likely you will be in shock, making it difficult for most to properly articulate the statements they are making.

Mistake #3 Failing to Seek Medical Attention

Making sure that you are properly cared for by a medical professional is key for several reasons. First and foremost, we want you to make sure that you are okay following the accident. Medical providers can assess your injuries and help administer the proper course of treatment. Failing to do so may cause an injury to worsen or go unnoticed. In addition, seeking medical care quickly following an accident is the best way to prove that your injuries were in fact from the car accident.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be for us to prove that your injuries were the result of the accident. Medical care also produces key documents that become evidence when proving your case.

Mistake #4 Waiting Too Long to Speak with a Scottsdale, AZ Auto Accident Lawyer

Some victims may believe that they do not need the help of an attorney to manage their accident case. It’s important to acknowledge the stress an accident victim may be under during this period of time. When coupled with physical and emotional trauma from an accident, it may be difficult to think clearly. Navigating an accident case without the help of a Scottsdale auto accident lawyer, can make a complicated process even more difficult.

Don’t wait before too many mistakes have been made to contact us at the Yearin Law Office. Accessing their services can help in running damage control for any mistakes that may have come up in addition to giving a victim peace of mind that their case is in the right hands.

Help Getting Medical Bills Paid

Medical bills in the United States are a nightmare for a lot of people. After an accident, instead of worrying about getting better, many victims fear how they are going to pay their medical bills. After an accident, it’s important that you focus on building your life again. So, how do you know who is going to pay for your bills? Here’s what you need to know about fault laws and whether or not you can file a claim:

Arizona Fault Laws

Most states have laws where the at-fault party pays damages. Depending on the state you live in, there may be what is referred to as “contributory negligence”. This is where the plaintiff had contributed to the accident even to a small degree, and may have their monetary award decreased accordingly. It can be difficult to prove negligence, but if one person is responsible and you were following all of the laws down to the letter, then you have a better chance at winning the case.

Insurance Claims

Now, if there is an at-fault driver, you can take a few different routes. On one hand, you can file a claim with your insurance company and then your company will seek the money from the at-fault driver. Another way that you can receive compensation is if you file a claim with the third party insurer.

Now, if none of these work out, you can file a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit should always be a last resort. This is usually the best option if the insurance carrier or if the other driver is completely uncooperative when it comes to settling. Some may not offer you any compensation at all, whereas others may offer you an amount that you do not think is worth your injuries.

When it comes to filing claims, you have to be able to prove that the other driver was 100% negligent. Contributory negligence makes it difficult to prove a case. In many states, you can still file a claim, even if you had some fault. This is allowable as long as you were less than half at fault. If you believe you have a claim, then an Arizona auto accident lawyer can make the entire process easier for you. We can help you with the steps necessary to win your case.

Be Wary of Insurance Adjusters

No accident victim should be forced to face insurance adjusters alone. Feeling as though you are being blamed for an accident that was clearly the fault of an intoxicated or reckless driver can make an already frustrating and difficult situation even more anger-inducing. With the help of a lawyer from Yearin Law Office, accident victims can feel protected during the legal process.

To schedule a complimentary case consultation, contact an auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona at Yearin Law Office for premier legal services.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

There’s a lot to take care of after a car accident. You have injuries to deal with, damages to document, and the emotional and psychological stress to contend with. Calling your insurance company may feel like too much too soon. The first piece of advice to any new car owner is to call your insurance company quickly after an accident, but how long do you have to file a claim?

Reporting vs. Filing

The good news is that there is quite a difference between reporting your accident and filing a claim for damages resulting from that accident. When you’re required to speak to your insurance company promptly after an accident, it’s often to report that an accident has happened.

Filing a claim has a longer, often variable time that depends both on the state you live in and your insurance policy. While waiting may not be possible if another car was involved in the accident, at least this gives you enough time to deal with the immediate repercussions of an accident before thinking about the exhausting task of filing a claim.

Requirements for Insurance Claims

There are specific requirements your insurance company will ask you to fulfill before they can go ahead with your claim. These requirements sometimes differ, but you can always expect to:

  1. Call 911. Not only will emergency responders be able to assess any possible injuries from the accident, but they will also be an important resource for evidence if there are any personal injuries you’ll need to claim in the future. A police report is also often a requirement for filing a claim, as they will be an eyewitness to the accident.
  2. As stated above, call your insurance company ASAP. Make sure they know to expect you to a claim soon.
  3. Get information from everyone involved, including names, numbers, and insurance information, as well as a list of other requirements your insurance provider may provide.
  4. Take photos and videos of the accident site, and write down your version of events to help you remember the events as they happened.

Minor Accidents

Sometimes it’s better not to file an insurance claim, especially if it’s a single-car accident and the damage is minor. Suppose you scrape your car against a light pole in the parking lot or you back into a mailbox and dent the bumper. These minor accidents could cost you more in the long run through high deductibles and higher premiums when it comes time to renew.

In cases where filing a claim is inevitable, you’ll want advice on how to talk to a claim adjuster when they call. Contact a car accident attorney today to make sure you’re ready to file.