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Automobile Accident Law Firm Scottsdale AZ

Automobile Accident Law Firm Scottsdale AZ

Automobile Accident Law Firm Scottsdale, AZUnfortunately, car accidents are far too common. These incidents have many causes. Road conditions, weather, and mechanical failure were once the main causes of collisions. Nowadays, most car collisions occur because one or more people were not acting responsibly. Fatalities can occur too, especially when victims are not wearing seatbelts or if one or more vehicles were going at high speeds. This is a tough reality to confront, partially because even minor car wrecks can cause serious injuries and partially because there is only so much anyone can do to influence a person’s approach to their driving responsibilities. 

If you have been injured in a collision, please know that you can potentially hold the responsible parties accountable for the harm you have suffered. Similarly, if you have lost a loved one as a result of a car wreck, you may be able to hold responsible parties accountable for the loss of your loved one. In a wrongful death lawsuit, both compensatory and punitive damages may be warranted. Please consider contacting an automobile accident law firm Scottsdale, AZ residents trust today to explore your options. Speaking with the experienced team at Yearin Law Office will not obligate you to take legal action – doing so will simply allow you to make an informed decision about the options available to you and your family. 

Determining Fault

If you believe someone else caused the accident that led to your family member’s death, speak with a Scottsdale, AZ automobile accident law firm about your concerns. You don’t have to know the cause(s) of the accident for sure to explore your options. Your lawyer can review your case to determine what “next steps” you may want to consider. Our team will evaluate whether the other driver was negligent or driving recklessly and/or whether any alternative factors ultimately influenced the situation surrounding the crash.

Suing for Compensatory Damages

Our Scottsdale, AZ automobile accident law firm may be able to help you seek compensation for the medical costs of trying to revive or care for your loved one. These could include surgeries, medications, hospital stays or medical equipment. You may also sue for damages to cover funeral and burial costs, and the loss of income your loved one would have earned. Emotional suffering such as the loss of enjoyment, love, and companionship may also be part of the damages you seek.

What About Punitive Damages

In personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, punitive damages seek to punish the offending party for his or her wrongdoing. Many states do not allow a plaintiff to seek punitive damages in a car accident case. For those states that do, you and your attorney will have to show gross negligence on the other person’s part. For example, if you can prove that the other driver was deliberately trying to hurt or kill your loved one, punitive damages may be on the table. Another example would be if the other party had consumed alcohol far above the legal limit, rendering the person incapacitated behind the wheel.

It is good to understand how a wrongful death lawsuit works when thinking about whether or not to file one. Every case is different, so please don’t make assumptions about your situation before consulting our Scottsdale, Arizona automobile accident law firm.