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February 12, 2021

Bicycle Accident Attorney Arizona

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Bicycle Accident Attorney Arizona

Getting into a bicycle accident can mean that the injuries you are suffering from are severe. While many personal injury accidents can leave a person needing a trip to the hospital, because of how exposed you are riding on a bicycle and how big a car is, you may be suffering from more than broken bones. If you are interested in pursuing a lawsuit after you have been in a bicycle accident, it is best to get the advice and guidance of a bicycle accident attorney Arizona residents trust. Even if you are unsure of who is at fault for the accident, speaking with an attorney can lead you in the right direction for a personal injury suit and it can make sure you cover your bases when getting the help you need after an accident. 

Parties Responsible For Bicycle Accidents

Various parties could be responsible for bicycle accidents and if you wish to pursue this legally, you will want to make sure you have the party responsible. 

  • A motor vehicle driver. People do not always like sharing the road with cyclists and they may not be paying close enough attention. This can cause severe injuries if a car, motorcycle, or truck is driving and hits a bicyclist. 
  • A parked car. Even people getting out of parked cars can cause injuries. If they are not paying attention when they open their door and the door hits a bicyclist, it can cause the bicyclist to fly off their bike and hit the pavement or other objects on the road.
  • The bike manufacturer. If there was a problem with the bike itself, then the rider may wish to file a lawsuit against the bike manufacturer for making parts with errors. 
  • The city or county. If the roads were unsafe and not properly maintained, you may be looking at filing a suit against the local municipality. 
  • Learning About Pure Comparative Fault 

Arizona is known as a pure comparative fault state. Thus, if a bicyclist is found to be partially responsible for causing the accident, the amount of compensation they will be able to recover after the accident will be reduced by the percentage of how at-fault they were. Bike riders should be especially vigilant about safety and following local driving laws when riding their bikes at night and driving in highly-trafficked areas. 

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