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February 08, 2021

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Arizona

Posted in Car Accident

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Arizona

Hit and run accidents can be complicated and frustrating because they can leave the victim in a very bad situation without much to do about it. Most people would like to believe that when a person hits their car, they have the decency to stop and see if everyone is okay. When this is not the case though, the victim in the hit and run may be unsure of what to do about vehicle damage and may be concerned about paying for their hospital bills. Working with a hit-and-run accident lawyer in your area can help ensure you have someone who can gather evidence for your hit and run and they may even be able to help find out who did this to you. 

What is someone supposed to do after an accident like this in the state of Arizona? 

After a car accident, a person has a responsibility to:

  • Stop and provide information like their name and address
  • Provide their driver’s license
  • Help someone who is injured or call 9-1-1 to make sure rescue services come if someone is too injured to call themselves

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Car Accident 

No one expects to get in a car accident. However, when the other driver who hit you speeds away you may be in such shock that you do not gather the necessary information that could be used to catch them. It is important that you try to remember important information about the other driver like: 

  • What color, make, and model their car was
  • Any license plate information
  • What direction they were driving in
  • What the other driver looked like if you saw them 
  • What time the accident occurred and what the weather was like

If you are able to gather any of this information, it will be helpful when you call the police and report the accident. It will also be beneficial to speak with an attorney. They can use their resources to gather evidence from traffic cameras and witnesses to potentially locate the hit-and-run driver. If they do locate the driver, you can use this information to file a claim against them. If you are unable to find the person who caused the accident, speak with an attorney about what options you have with your insurance company. 

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