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February 01, 2017

Car Accidents and Distracted Drivers

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An accident can change or take a life in an instant.

For drivers who text, talk on their phone, reach for a bite of a sandwich, or turn to talk to a passenger in the back seat – it may seem that one or two seconds will not make a difference – but a car travels 88 feet in one second.

That is enough distance for a car or truck to rear-end another car, swerve into another lane, run a red light or cause an accident.

The statistics from the CDC for distracted driving are frightening. Eight people are killed each day and over 1,100 are injured daily because a distracted driver failed to have his/her eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel and mind on the traffic around them.

Common examples of distracted driving

Distracted driving is any activity that prevents the driver from focusing on the safety of people in their car and the safety of any other vehicles and nearby pedestrians. Some of these life-threatening actions include:

·      Texting while driving

·      Talking on the phone

·      Using a GPS navigation device

·      Grooming one’s hair or applying makeup

·      Playing with the radio or a CD player

·      Eating or drinking

Even talking with other passengers can distract a driver because many people take the time to look directly at the person they are talking to.

Unique Dangers of Distracted Driving

Texting while driving is especially dangerous because it affects all three dangers of driving while distracted. Users need to use their hands to text which means their hands are not on the steering wheel.

They have to look at what they are typing which means their eyes are not on the road. They also have to think about what they are texting which means they are not focused on vehicles around them, whether there are any pedestrians in the roadway or if they are traveling too fast for conditions.

Teenagers as an age group tend to drive while distracted more than other age group. Parents do have a duty to explain to teens that driving is for the purpose of getting somewhere safely – it is not for distracted behavior, partying or unreasonable social conduct.

Drunk driving and driver fatigue are also additional causes of excessive and dangerous distracted driving. Both factors reduce the ability of the driver to focus, react and see. Both types of behavior are especially deadly and cause catastrophic injuries.

Arizona and other states have strict laws on drunk driving and other rules of the road which must be obeyed. One recent rule that focuses on distracted driving is that school bus drivers cannot use a handheld or even a hand-free cell phone.

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