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December 31, 2016

Settling a Personal Injury Case Without A Lawyer

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After a car accident or another type of incident that caused an injury, many people think they do not need an attorney. After all, they can simply make a claim with the insurance company and receive a payout – right?

Unfortunately, many people who try to settle their own cases end up receiving far less than they deserve or need to cover their losses.

 Dealing with Insurance can be Challenging

When another person or party causes your accident and injuries, seek compensation by first filing a claim with their insurance company.

While it may seem that the insurance company will be on your side, remember that like any other type of business, insurance companies try to limit payouts and maximize profits whenever possible.

Therefore, an adjuster may try to limit a settlement offer by claiming one or more of the following:

  • The accident was at least partially your fault
  • Your injuries were preexisting or caused by a later event, and not the accident in question
  • Your injuries are not as severe as you claim, so you did not require all of the treatment you received or the time off work that you took to recover.

Even if fault is relatively clear, insurers often start with a settlement offer that is extremely low, hoping that claimants will unknowingly accept the offer.

Too often, accident victims accept an offer only to realize their losses well exceeded their settlement. Unfortunately, once a settlement is accepted, your right to seek additional funds regarding that accident is revoked.

For this reason, it is extremely important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer review any settlement offer before it is accepted. An attorney can recognize when an offer is insufficient and can negotiate for a higher amount or advise when a legal claim is necessary to recover for all of your losses, including pain and suffering.

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