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December 16, 2016

What Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth?

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Many people who have been injured in an accident may believe it is not worthwhile to call an attorney because they think their case may not be worth enough.

However, determining the value of a particular personal injury case can be a very complicated process and many accident victims significantly underestimate the value of their case.

The best way to know whether you have a viable claim is to discuss your losses with an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to accurately value your losses. The following are common losses in personal injury cases that will affect the value of your case.

Medical Bills and Lost Wages

Past medical expenses and lost wages are relatively simple to calculate as you can review your medical bills and your paystubs to find out concrete amounts.

Future Medical Costs

If your medical care is still ongoing, estimating your future costs of treatment can be more complicated and can often require the opinion of a medical expert who is knowledgeable about the treatment required for your type of injury.

Lost Earning Potential

Similar to future medical costs, determining an accurate value for your future lost income can be complex. If your doctor believes that you will miss another few months of work, the calculations may be easier. However, if you are experiencing long-term effects of your injury that impede your ability to return to your previous job or even work at all, you may need the opinion of occupational and economic experts to help decide your lost earning potential.

Non-economic Damages

There are also many intangible losses for which you may recover if you have sustained a serious injury. These include pain and suffering, permanent disability or disfigurement, emotional distress, among others. Because these losses can be subjective, determining a realistic value for them often involves many resources to which an experienced personal injury law firm should have access.

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