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June 02, 2022

Common Car Accident Injuries

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If you were injured in a vehicle collision, you should get in touch with a car accident attorney Arizona residents trust. You may be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help you file a timely claim and protect your legal rights.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents occur every day and can result in a wide range of injuries. Here are the most common injuries that car accident victims endure:

  • Whiplash: Whiplash is a common injury in vehicle collisions and results in neck pain and stiffness. It can occur when your head moves backward and forward suddenly. Other symptoms include shoulder pain, dizziness, headaches and fatigue. However, not everyone experiences symptoms immediately. In fact, you might not feel discomfort until days after your accident. 
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: As a car accident attorney in Arizona can confirm, traumatic brain injuries are one of the most severe injuries you can suffer in a car accident and can be life-threatening. Symptoms may include loss of consciousness, headaches, vomiting, loss of coordination and slurred speech. If a traumatic brain injury is severe enough, it can lead to permanent problems with brain function.
  • Knee Injuries: If your knees hit the dashboard during a car accident, you may suffer knee trauma. You may experience knee pain, swelling, difficulty bending your knee and popping sounds. You will likely need crutches or braces to repair the damage. If the injury is severe enough, surgery may be required.
  • Broken Bones: During a car accident, you can break bones in your arms, legs, hips and other body parts. Breaking a bone is extremely painful and can put you out of commission for a while. If you broke a bone in more than one place, you may need surgery.
  • Scrapes and Cuts: It’s possible to suffer scrapes and cuts if loose projectiles hit your body during a car accident. Although scrapes and cuts may not seem as serious as other car accident injuries, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. If not treated properly, they can lead to infection and other complications.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, it’s in your best interest to retain a skilled car accident attorney. He or she will help you gather the necessary evidence to support your case and keep your best interests in mind. Your attorney will handle all communication with the insurance company and make sure that you don’t get taken advantage of. With a confident attorney on your side, you have a better chance of obtaining fair compensation.

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