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Car Accident Attorney Scottsdale, AZ

Car Accident Attorney Scottsdale, AZ

Have you recently been in an Arizona car accident? Perhaps, in fact, it occurred several months ago and you already accepted a settlement, but now you’re in agonizing pain because you were misdiagnosed or poorly treated. Whether or not this happened to you, if negligence caused your car accident, please call the car accident lawyers Scottsdale, AZ has to offer from the Yearin Law Office today.

After the jolting impact of a car accident, you may not be thinking clearly, especially if you have been injured. You may be assessing the injuries to yourself and the damages to your vehicle. At the Yearin Law Office, we understand that the next steps you take can play a significant role in how you recover from this unfortunate situation. By following these steps, not only can you help to make sure your recovery is quick and complete, but you also give yourself the best chance of recovering damages from the other driver.

Call the Police

In order to have a record of the accident, you need a police report. The police report will usually not layout blame for the accident—that’s for the insurance companies to decide. A police officer can issue a citation to the at-fault driver, and that could help your case.

The importance of a police report is to provide your insurance company with documentation showing you did not cause the accident. Your insurance company will battle with the insurance company of the driver who hit you and will help to make sure your damages are covered. An experienced car accident attorney in Scottsdale, AZ will also fight to ensure you receive the best insurance settlement.

Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of how minor you think your injuries are, seek medical attention. Depending on the force of the impact, you may have internal injuries you’re not aware of yet. Plus, your adrenaline may be high and you’re not feeling any pain.

Just like a police report documents the facts of your car accident, a doctor will document your injuries. If you wait too long to go see a doctor, the other driver’s insurance company may argue that your injuries are not from the accident but from some other event. You don’t want to put yourself in this position. That’s why it’s so important to see a doctor as soon as you’re able.

Take Pictures

Once you assess your injuries if you’re able to take pictures, do so. But don’t post these pictures on social media.

Taking pictures gives you visible documentation. Make sure to get pictures of the other driver’s vehicle, in addition to your own. Don’t forget to take pictures of your injuries, as well.

Get Witness Information

If there were witnesses to your car accident, get their contact information. If they can stay at the scene to give police a statement, that is the best outcome.

Even if they can’t stay, your insurance company will want to speak with them later. By having their contact information, you can speed up the process of determining the other driver was at fault for your car accident. When you choose to work with a car accident attorney in Scottsdale, AZ, he or she can also discuss the accident with the witnesses.

Contact The Yearin Law Office

You deserve the skilled and trusted representation of the Yearin Law Office to help you recover compensation for your injuries. Our clients have trusted us for more than 25 years to help them recover damages from the at-fault driver.

We can help you recover damages that will get you back on your feet. We will try to collect for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Vehicle repairs

If you’re looking for a car accident attorney in Scottsdale, AZ then contact us today for your consultation. The experienced team at the Yearin Law Office looks forward to helping you.

Common Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can happen so suddenly and result in all types of injuries. Some of these injuries are fairly minor while others can take months to recover from. Here are the most common injuries that result from motor vehicle crashes:

  • Whiplash: Whiplash is a neck injury that car accident victims frequently suffer. During a car accident, your head can suddenly move backward and forward, injuring your neck. Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and stiffness, dizziness, headaches, and shoulder pain. However, these symptoms might not be present right away. It’s still important to seek medical care right away so that the injury doesn’t get worse.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: Traumatic brain injuries are one of the most severe injuries you can endure during a car accident and typically happen when drivers and passengers hit their heads against the steering wheel, windows, or dashboard. They can result in long-term complications, such as cognitive difficulties, hearing loss, and vision problems, if not treated properly. Immediate symptoms include blurry vision, difficulty concentrating, and confusion. Treatments for brain injuries may include medication, rest, or surgery.
  • Broken Bones: Car accidents can also result in broken arms, legs, or hips. These injuries are most common during side-impact and rear-end collisions and can cause severe pain. If a bone is broken in more than one place, surgery may be required.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: Car accidents can also cause spinal cord injuries, which may result in reduced sensation and control over their arms, legs, and other body parts. Very severe spinal cord injuries can even result in paralysis.
  • Scrapes and Cuts: It’s possible to suffer scrapes and cuts if you get hit by loose projectiles during a car accident. While these might not seem as severe as other injuries, they still need to be treated by a medical professional promptly. They can be quite painful and put you at risk of infection.
  • Chest Injuries: Drivers are in danger of suffering chest injuries during car accidents because they don’t have much room to move before their chest hits the steering wheel. These injuries can cause severe bruising and even broken ribs.

Are Psychological Injuries Common?

Psychological injuries may not be visible like physical injuries, but they are very real. A car accident attorney in Scottsdale, AZ has witnessed car accident victims develop anxiety and depression following a collision. They may lose interest in their favorite activities and isolate themselves from others. Some car accident victims may also develop post-traumatic stress disorder and are afraid to get into a vehicle again. Car accident victims who suffer emotional injuries shouldn’t hesitate to see a professional therapist. A licensed therapist can help them come to terms with the accident and move on with their lives.

Can I Sue the Other Motorist Involved in My Accident?

Generally speaking, when an individual is hurt due to another’s negligent, reckless, or intentional behavior, they are permitted – by law – to seek compensation from the responsible party. In a car accident scenario, there could be one responsible party or multiple responsible parties. You could have been harmed by another motorist or several motorists. It may come to light that one or more of the vehicles involved in the accident was impacted by defective auto parts – in this scenario, you’d be able to sue the manufacturer of those auto parts. Similarly, it may be discovered that hazardous, ill-maintained roads contributed to the collision that harmed you – in this scenario, you’d be able to sue the government responsible for maintaining those roads.

If you were hurt in a car accident and others were responsible for at least 50 percent of the fault for that accident, you may have strong grounds to file legal action. You may settle your case by receiving an insurance settlement or you may choose to file an actual personal injury lawsuit against those involved. In either scenario, our Scottsdale, AZ car accident attorney and support team can help you to obtain the maximum amount of compensation to which you’re entitled.

What Do I Do About Calls from Insurance Claims Adjusters?

It isn’t a good idea to speak with insurance claims adjusters until you’ve spoken with the experienced Arizona legal team at Yearin Law Office. Why? Insurance companies are private businesses. They are legally bound to seek profits on behalf of their shareholders. As a result, they tend to work hard to protect their bottom line. When you speak with an insurance claims adjuster – whether you have a policy with that company or not – they are going to look for any excuse to pay you less than the full amount that you deserve. When you work with our firm, we will negotiate with your best interests at the forefront of our approach. The insurance companies serve their own interests – we will serve yours.

It is also worth noting that anything you say to an insurance claims adjuster will be noted in the file concerning your accident. Even the most seemingly innocuous comments could be used as an excuse to either underpay your claim or blame you for the accident itself. We know how these companies work and we know how to communicate with them effectively. Let us do the “heavy lifting” with insurers on your behalf. If a claims adjuster calls you before you’ve met with our firm, consider letting that call go to voicemail until we’ve formulated a plan of action on your behalf.

 What if my car accident injury worsens after I receive a settlement?

As leading car accident lawyers in Scottsdale, AZ, we have seen many injury victims receive far less compensation than they deserved because they wanted to save money from hiring a lawyer. As a result, their settlement is much less than they would have taken home, even after lawyer fees.

Another important thing to consider is that unless you are a medical professional or are experienced in representing injury victims, you probably do not have a full understanding of compensable damages. For an experienced car accident lawyer Scottsdale, AZ provides, building a full and comprehensive claim is second nature. It will also include future damages as warranted. In some cases, this represents many thousands of dollars. However, the injured car accident victim cannot simply add a line item in a claim and call it future medical treatment; it must be backed up with proof, and more, or else the insurance company will disregard it and possibly deny the claim altogether. This is where it can be beneficial to retain the right car accident lawyers Scottsdale, AZ drivers trust. We understand the legal and medical process and because of this, we can protect our clients’ best interests. To learn how this can work in your case, give us a call and request a free consultation.

Do Pre-existing Conditions Affect Insurance Claims?

Often when a discussion about a personal injury due to a car accident begins, the discussion assumes the victim of the said accident was in perfect health. This is very rarely the case, everyone has pre-existing conditions, whether permanent or short-term. How does this affect injury claims and compensation? Let’s find out.

A victim is not entitled to compensation for injuries that existed prior to the accident. They are entitled to compensation for injuries gained from the accident. However, if your pre-existing condition is exacerbated, you may be entitled to receive compensation for the worsening of that condition if you can prove it worsened due to the accident.

A pre-existing condition should never discourage you from filing an accident claim. In many cases, the victim has received medical treatment for their pre-existing condition and therefore can produce medical records regarding that condition. If your condition was worsened from an accident, the compensation you receive is going to be based on the degree of difference from prior to the accident to after the accident. You will need a detailed and complete medical history to do this.

Some insurance companies are going to try to pay you as little as possible—actually, most of them. They’ll try to search your medical history to find something that discredits you. They want to use this information to say that your accident has had minimal effect on you and that they don’t need to pay you. Therefore, it is vital to hire an attorney. Your attorney is going to have had experience dealing with insurance companies and can help you maneuver their tricks.

The “Eggshell Skull Rule” or “take your victim as you find him” applies to victims with pre-existing conditions; though it is applied to every single personal injury claim. This rule states that the relative frailty of the injury victim isn’t a valid defense against a claim.

The rule is named after an imaginary case that illustrates the concept, imagine someone who was injured by someone else and they were unaware the victim’s skull was as thin as an eggshell. This condition would leave the person susceptible to injury. The defendant would then be liable for all damages that stem from the wrongful actions even if they had no idea of the victim’s condition. The takeaway from this rule is that no victim should dare hesitate to bring a claim and contact an attorney no matter their health prior to the accident.

Reach out to a trusted personal injury lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ to discuss your options, especially if you think that you’re being targeted by insurance companies over your accident. These lawyers are going to best know how to deal with those companies, and they’ll make it less stressful for you as a client.

What is a settlement?

Usually, our client’s primary goal is to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company. The negotiation process begins after the Brookhaven car accident lawyers file a claim with the carrier that provides documentation to prove liability and the resulting damages on a cost by cost basis. Many people mistakenly believe that the first step is a lawsuit, but this is much less common than filing a claim. (If the insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith with a lawyer, at that point a lawsuit against them is more likely.

What are my options in case my injury worsens later?

Your legal options will depend on where in the claims process you are in regards to your injury. If in doubt, contact the car accident lawyers Scottsdale, AZ community members recommend for a free consultation to discuss your case and gain clarity about your options.

High Speed Police Chase Accidents

One type of car accident that many people never think of yet is actually a common occurrence is high-speed police chases. There are situations where law enforcement is forced to engage in a vehicle chase in order to apprehend a suspect. No matter how careful a police officer may be in these situations, there is always the risk that an innocent bystander will be injured. If you have been injured in a police chase, contact a Scottsdale, AZ car accident attorney to find out what legal recourse you may have.

One of the most frequent reasons why high-speed police chases occur is an officer signals to a driver to pull over due to some traffic violation. The law requires every driver to pull over in a safe area and stop when they have been signaled by police to do so. Unfortunately, not every citizen obeys that law, and far too often, the driver takes off, forcing the officer to jump back in their police vehicle and follow.

The driver may have had outstanding warrants, have just committed or is in the process of committing a crime, or does not have a valid driver’s license. In many cases, the officer alerts dispatch of the issue, and other police vehicles may join the pursuit.

No matter how in control the police officer may be of his or her vehicle during a chase, there is still a danger to the general public. Many police chases take place in high traffic or population areas, including areas where there are schools, parks, and shopping plazas. Neither the driver being chased nor the police officers who are doing the chasing are adhering to speed limits or traffic signals and signs, but are instead speeding through lights, intersections, crosswalks, and generally driving too fast for road conditions. It is no wonder that, according to statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), there are more than 350 victims killed each year in police chase car accidents, and thousands more seriously injured.

Accident Liability

As a Scottsdale, AZ car accident lawyer can explain, under Arizona law, any vehicle occupant, pedestrian, cyclist, or other commuters can pursue damages for any losses they suffer if they are injured in a vehicle accident caused by another party. This includes high-speed police car chases. However, these cases are much more complex than regular car accident cases because there is a different process when you are suing government entities, such as police departments. Failure to follow this process can result in your claim being dismissed entirely. That is why any police chase accident victims should immediately contact a car accident lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ for legal assistance.

 Don’t Waste Time, Call a Lawyer Now

To provide you with the best chance for a positive outcome, contact our car accident lawyer immediately after the collision. Do not agree to any settlement offered by the other driver’s insurance company until your lawyer has reviewed it and offered you legal guidance. In many cases, your car accident lawyer from Yearin Law Office will be able to negotiate a higher settlement amount and take into consideration your future damages. This process will include medical consultations to determine what treatment you may need and the costs associated with it.

Should you accept a settlement offer from the insurance carrier and later develop a condition as a direct result of your accident injury, or if your original injury worsens, you cannot get more compensation. Do not take the chance—consult our car accident lawyers Scottsdale, AZ respects immediately.