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July 06, 2023

Factors That Influence The Amount of Car Accident Recovery

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Our auto accident law firm Scottsdale, recommends knowing that it has been said that no two car accidents are alike because no two bodies inside vehicles involved in collisions are alike. That may be one of the reasons there are so many factors involved in determining the number of money plaintiffs are entitled to receive for injuries and compensation after a vehicle accident. However, as an attorney from a Scottsdale, Arizona law firm can explain, there are a few main factors that influence the amount you can recover after an accident.


Medical treatment is often the largest contributing factor in determining a victim’s request for injury compensation. It is important to seek medical attention immediately upon the presentation of symptoms because if you claim medical treatment for injuries weeks or months after the car accident, the gap may be argued by the insurance company as showing the problem is unrelated to your collision. There may also be future costs associated with permanent injuries that the court will include in damage calculations. Injuries can include loss of limbs, disfigurement, or other life-altering complications. Your Scottsdale law firm can explain how future earning capacity can also be integrated into the damage computations.


Liability is about who is responsible for causing the accident. If the other driver was careless, and it can be proven, you can establish a negligence action for pain, suffering, and compensation. However, proving the other party was responsible for the full extent of the collision is often difficult, and that can severely limit your ability to receive full compensation. Hiring a lawyer from a car accident law firm in Scottsdale, AZ residents rely on can increase your chance to prove the other party’s liability.


Even if your injury is life-altering and results in millions of dollars in medical treatment, some states limit the amount you can recover to the assets and insurance the other party holds. There are very few times the defendant actually pays for the settlement ordered by the court because most people defer to their insurance company to pay all necessary costs. Although there are many limits, the amount can be as little as $25,000 for each individual in the accident. It is always best to rely on a trusted Scottsdale law firm to help you in your financial recovery.

Determining the potential costs associated with the liability, damages, and recovery of your case can become a complicated issue that may turn even your lawyer’s hair gray. Take your attorney’s advice and help him or her determine what your case is worth by keeping him or her updated on the various aspects of your situation. You can help influence how much you recover.

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