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July 06, 2023

Five Myths About Car Accident Injuries

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Myth: Accident Vсtіmѕ Who Say They’re Hurt Frоm a Cаr Accident Are Lying to Get More Money

Fact: An overwhelming number of car accident victims do actually sustain injuries. Are there fraudsters in the mix? Of course there are. However, they’re in the minority. A car accident lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, at Yearin Law Office may weed out the fraudulent claims to spend more time working with clients who’ve been hurt.

Mуth – Car Accident Lawyers Are Ambulance Chasers and Will Work With Anyone To Make More Money

Fact: Ambulance chasing is prohibited in the U.S. by the American Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct. Some bar associations go so far as to send investigators to the scene of major disasters to make sure there aren’t any unscrupulous lawyers there, handing out business cards like they were candy. You’ll want to make sure your Scottsdale auto accident lawyer, is following the Professional Conduct rules.

Mуth: Car Crash Injurіеѕ Only Involve Minor Injurіеѕ That Alwауѕ Resolve Wіthіn 6-12 Wееkѕ on Thеіr Own

Fact: According to a 1991 study, after an average of nearly 11 years, 86% or car accident injury victims still had residual pain from those injuries. The six to 12 week myth is perpetuated by insurance adjusters with no medical training, whose only job is to discredit crash victims so they can’t recover damages. You need an auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, to get involved and reach a fair settlement or, if need be, go to trial. 

Myth: Car Aссіdеnt Injurіеѕ Onlу Cause Injurіеѕ Prороrtіоnate tо thе Amоunt оf Damage tо the Cаr

Fact: In the September 2006 Personal Injury Law Journal, a study was published that proved head and neck injuries were likely in car accidents where the vehicles were moving as slow as five mph. Contributing factors include awareness, gender, size of the vehicles, pre-existing conditions, and the type of collision. Your Yearin Law Office attorney may hire an accident reconstruction expert to demonstrate that you clearly were injured.

Myth: If Aссіdеnt Victims Don’t Feel Pain in thе Fіrѕt 72 Hоurѕ, They Aren’t Rеаllу Injured

Your brain can only interpret so much pain at a time, so it focuses on whatever hurts worst. It’s not until that injury has been treated that you realize other body parts hurt. That could be weeks down the road, depending on the severity of the main pain point. Also, inflammation grows over time. You may take it easy for a week or two after your accident, then try to return to your normal life, only to discover you can’t turn your head to the left or climb the stairs to get to work.

Five Myths About Auto Accident Injuries Infographic

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