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Scottsdale Auto Accident Lawyer

Auto Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Auto Accident Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash caused by another driver, you may be able to pursue damages against that driver. You may be entitled to financial compensation for your medical expenses, including all doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and medications. If you have lost income from being unable to work while you recover from your injuries, those lost wages are also recoverable. Other losses may also include pain and suffering, emotional anguish, permanent disability, scarring, disfigurement, and more.

Our legal team will evaluate your case, examine the evidence, and determine what, if any, financial compensation you may deserve. To find out what legal options you may have, contact Yearin Law Office today to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a skilled auto accident attorney in Scottsdale, AZ victims recommend. 

There are a few common things that can either cause a car accident to happen or contribute to car accidents happening. When you have been injured in a car accident and want to see how an auto accident law firm can help you, call our office. We will want to know exactly what happened leading up to the accident and we will be closely examining what the other driver was doing in the moments leading up to the accident. It is important that you always remain vigilant when you are behind the wheel and take great care to abide by traffic laws. Even when you do this, it is still possible to get into an accident when someone else is driving negligently or recklessly. 

Speeding. We have seen it many times. Someone was late getting to work or they were trying to get to a store before it closed and they drove above the posted speed limit sign. The more people do this, the more comfortable they are doing it and the more frequently they will do it. This can be extremely dangerous. Someone who is speeding often will not pay attention to other road signs or to others on the road because they are trying to get to their destination as quickly as possible.

Driving Under the Influence. People do not realize how dangerous it can be to drive with a little bit of alcohol in their system. Even if you have not had glass after glass of wine, driving with alcohol in your system can still slow your reaction time to things on the road and cause you to become drowsy. If you were the victim in an accident where someone was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may be suffering from serious injuries. 

Driving Distracted. There are so many things that can distract a driver: eating lunch in the car, texting a loved one, or reaching in the back seat for something. All of these may seem harmless but can cause a serious or fatal accident to occur. If you suspect that the other driver in your accident was distracted when they were driving, call our office to let us know. We can gather statements and evidence to help support this argument.

Always speak with your attorney after you have been in a car accident when you suspect the other driver is at fault as a result of one of the factors above. If you have been injured in a crash, call Yearin Law Office, the law firm Scottsdale, Arizona clients recommend to find out how we can help.

It isn’t required that victims of car accidents obtain legal representation, however, it is highly advisable to speak with an auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona from Yearin Law Office about your case. Seeking legal insight can go a long way toward getting the compensation you deserve for injuries, damages, and losses.

The Yearin Law Office can assist you as you file a claim with your insurance company, in addition to providing guidance if you’d like to pursue legal action against the offending driver. There are many ways to overcome this setback, and we are already geared with the experience and strategy to help get you through.

Table Of Contents

Factors That Influence The Amount of Recovery

Our auto accident law firm Scottsdale, recommends knowing that it has been said that no two car accidents are alike because no two bodies inside vehicles involved in collisions are alike. That may be one of the reasons there are so many factors involved in determining the number of money plaintiffs are entitled to receive for injuries and compensation after a vehicle accident. However, as an attorney from a Scottsdale, Arizona law firm can explain, there are a few main factors that influence the amount you can recover after an accident.


Medical treatment is often the largest contributing factor in determining a victim’s request for injury compensation. It is important to seek medical attention immediately upon the presentation of symptoms because if you claim medical treatment for injuries weeks or months after the car accident, the gap may be argued by the insurance company as showing the problem is unrelated to your collision. There may also be future costs associated with permanent injuries that the court will include in damage calculations. Injuries can include loss of limbs, disfigurement, or other life-altering complications. Your Scottsdale law firm can explain how future earning capacity can also be integrated into the damage computations.


Liability is about who is responsible for causing the accident. If the other driver was careless, and it can be proven, you can establish a negligence action for pain, suffering, and compensation. However, proving the other party was responsible for the full extent of the collision is often difficult, and that can severely limit your ability to receive full compensation. Hiring a lawyer from an auto accident law firm in Scottsdale, AZ residents rely on can increase your chance to prove the other party’s liability.


Even if your injury is life-altering and results in millions of dollars in medical treatment, some states limit the amount you can recover to the assets and insurance the other party holds. There are very few times the defendant actually pays for the settlement ordered by the court because most people defer to their insurance company to pay all necessary costs. Although there are many limits, the amount can be as little as $25,000 for each individual in the accident. It is always best to rely on a trusted Scottsdale law firm to help you in your financial recovery.

Determining the potential costs associated with the liability, damages, and recovery of your case can become a complicated issue that may turn even your lawyer’s hair gray. Take your attorney’s advice and help him or her determine what your case is worth by keeping him or her updated on the various aspects of your situation. You can help influence how much you recover.

Accepting an Insurance Settlement

As your car accident claim is being handled, you may receive a settlement offer. Keep in mind that car insurance agencies are a for-profit business, and are likely to initially offer an amount that is way below what you deserve. We encourage victims of car wrecks to consult with an auto accident lawyer from Scottsdale before agreeing to any settlements. The Yearin Law Office can help ensure that you are receiving a fair amount.

Determining What You Can Collect

Many people don’t know how to determine what they deserve in terms of monetary compensation for their vehicle accident. Perhaps you had to get your car fixed, paid medical bills to get injuries treated, and lost out on pay from missing work to recover. Depending on the circumstances of the collision, there are various damages we can help you file for, including:

  • Lost Wages: missing work for doctor’s appointments, rest, procedures, surgery, etc. Used sick time/vacation hours may be calculated into lost wages.
  • Reduced Earning Capacity: when the injuries caused an inability to perform job duties as normal and earn a reasonable income, either short or long-term.
  • Pain and Suffering: victims may be eligible for additional monetary compensation depending on the degree of emotional distress they endured due to the accident.
  • Future Medical Costs: how much it may cost in the future to treat injuries related to the accident.
  • Punitive Damages: the victim may be entitled to punitive damages if it can be proven with evidence that the driver was being careless or malicious.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit

The driver responsible for the car accident may be liable for your damages, but insurance companies only pay as much as the driver’s policy allows. After that, any other losses accrued by the victim may have to be handled through a civil lawsuit. An AZ auto accident lawyer from Scottsdale can help you decide whether this is the right route for you, depending on the factors of the accident and the potential award.

If you or someone you care about has recently been in an accident where they have faced financial hardships, property damage, and injuries, please contact our law firm. We at the Yearin Law Office can imagine the depth of financial ruin you may have experienced due to the accident, and will do what is within our capabilities to see that you recover. When you need a lawyer you can count on, call the Yearin Law Office for support.

Five Myths About Auto Accident Injuries

Myth: Accident Vсtіmѕ Who Say They’re Hurt Frоm a Cаr Accident Are Lying to Get More Money

Fact: An overwhelming number of car accident victims do actually sustain injuries. Are there fraudsters in the mix? Of course there are. However, they’re in the minority. An auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, at Yearin Law Office may weed out the fraudulent claims to spend more time working with clients who’ve been hurt.

Mуth – Car Accident Lawyers Are Ambulance Chasers and Will Work With Anyone To Make More Money

Fact: Ambulance chasing is prohibited in the U.S. by the American Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct. Some bar associations go so far as to send investigators to the scene of major disasters to make sure there aren’t any unscrupulous lawyers there, handing out business cards like they were candy. You’ll want to make sure your Scottsdale auto accident lawyer, is following the Professional Conduct rules.

Mуth: Car Crash Injurіеѕ Only Involve Minor Injurіеѕ That Alwауѕ Resolve Wіthіn 6-12 Wееkѕ on Thеіr Own

Fact: According to a 1991 study, after an average of nearly 11 years, 86% or car accident injury victims still had residual pain from those injuries. The six to 12 week myth is perpetuated by insurance adjusters with no medical training, whose only job is to discredit crash victims so they can’t recover damages. You need an auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, to get involved and reach a fair settlement or, if need be, go to trial. 

Myth: Car Aссіdеnt Injurіеѕ Onlу Cause Injurіеѕ Prороrtіоnate tо thе Amоunt оf Damage tо the Cаr

Fact: In the September 2006 Personal Injury Law Journal, a study was published that proved head and neck injuries were likely in car accidents where the vehicles were moving as slow as five mph. Contributing factors include awareness, gender, size of the vehicles, pre-existing conditions, and the type of collision. Your Yearin Law Office attorney may hire an accident reconstruction expert to demonstrate that you clearly were injured.

Myth: If Aссіdеnt Victims Don’t Feel Pain in thе Fіrѕt 72 Hоurѕ, They Aren’t Rеаllу Injured

Your brain can only interpret so much pain at a time, so it focuses on whatever hurts worst. It’s not until that injury has been treated that you realize other body parts hurt. That could be weeks down the road, depending on the severity of the main pain point. Also, inflammation grows over time. You may take it easy for a week or two after your accident, then try to return to your normal life, only to discover you can’t turn your head to the left or climb the stairs to get to work.

Scottsdale Auto Accident Law Infographic

Five Myths About Auto Accident Injuries Infographic

The Do’s and Don’ts of Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit

Whether you are the at-fault driver or not, being involved in a car accident can be a scary and traumatizing experience. If the accident was not your fault and you were injured in any way, you may be entitled to compensation. Working with an auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, can help you win the compensation you deserve, but make sure you heed these do’s and don’ts to make your case stronger.

Do File a Police Report

A police report is a valuable piece of evidence in a car accident case. The document outlines all of the accident details such as road conditions and potential hazards. The report may also include eyewitness statements so that the judge has a clear understanding of which driver was at fault.

Do Seek Medical Treatment

If you’re seeking compensation for medical expenses, you need to prove that you were injured in the accident. You should visit a doctor as soon as possible after the accident because otherwise, the defendant could claim any injuries you have happened after the accident.

Do Hire a Lawyer

You need to focus on recovering from your injuries. Hiring an attorney from Yearin Law Office in a good way to delegate legal responsibilities. Your lawyer can deal with the specifics of the lawsuit while you focus on getting better. He or she can inform you of any major developments in the case.

Don’t Broadcast Details About the Accident on Social Media

You should never share details about your case with anyone other than your attorney. The Yearin Law Office may advise you to avoid posting anything specific about your case to social media so that you can strengthen your lawsuit.

Don’t Admit Fault

You may be shaken up after the accident happens, and you may not remember exactly what you told the police in your statement. It’s important to never admit fault because this can impact your case and affect the amount of compensation that you are awarded. You should never admit that your actions may have contributed to the accident because then the judge may not think you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

Dealing with a car accident lawsuit is a lengthy process. You need the help of an auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ, to make the process go more smoothly, but it also helps if you are prepared. Use these do’s and don’ts to strengthen your case. 

Contact Scottsdale auto Accident Lawyer Donald G. Yearin
Help Getting Medical Bills Paid

Medical bills in the United States are a nightmare for a lot of people. After an accident, instead of worrying about getting better, many victims fear how they are going to pay their medical bills. After an accident, it’s important that you focus on building your life again. So, how do you know who is going to pay for your bills? Here’s what you need to know about fault laws and whether or not you can file a claim:

Arizona Fault Laws

Most states have laws where the at-fault party pays damages. Depending on the state you live in, there may be what is referred to as “contributory negligence”. This is where the plaintiff had contributed to the accident even to a small degree and may have their monetary award decreased accordingly. It can be difficult to prove negligence, but if one person is responsible and you were following all of the laws down to the letter, then you have a better chance of winning the case.

Insurance Claims

Now, if there is an at-fault driver, you can take a few different routes. On one hand, you can file a claim with your insurance company, and then your company will seek money from the at-fault driver. Another way that you can receive compensation is if you file a claim with a third-party insurer.

Now, if none of these workout, you can file a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit should always be a last resort. This is usually the best option if the insurance carrier or if the other driver is completely uncooperative when it comes to settling. Some may not offer you any compensation at all, whereas others may offer you an amount that you do not think is worth your injuries.

When it comes to filing claims, you have to be able to prove that the other driver was 100% negligent. Contributory negligence makes it difficult to prove a case. In many states, you can still file a claim, even if you had some fault. This is allowable as long as you were less than half at fault. If you believe you have a claim, then an Arizona auto accident lawyer can make the entire process easier for you. We can help you with the steps necessary to win your case.

Be Wary of Insurance Adjusters

No accident victim should be forced to face insurance adjusters alone. Feeling as though you are being blamed for an accident that was clearly the fault of an intoxicated or reckless driver can make an already frustrating and difficult situation even more anger-inducing. With the help of a lawyer from Yearin Law Office, accident victims can feel protected during the legal process.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

There’s a lot to take care of after a car accident. You have injuries to deal with, damages to document, and emotional and psychological stress to contend with. Calling your insurance company may feel like too much too soon. The first piece of advice to any new car owner is to call your insurance company quickly after an accident, but how long do you have to file a claim?

Reporting vs. Filing

The good news is that there is quite a difference between reporting your accident and filing a claim for damages resulting from that accident. When you’re required to speak to your insurance company promptly after an accident, it’s often to report that an accident has happened.

Filing a claim has a longer, often variable time that depends both on the state you live in and your insurance policy. While waiting may not be possible if another car was involved in the accident, at least this gives you enough time to deal with the immediate repercussions of an accident before thinking about the exhausting task of filing a claim.

Requirements for Insurance Claims

There are specific requirements your insurance company will ask you to fulfill before they can go ahead with your claim. These requirements sometimes differ, but you can always expect to:

  1. Call 911. Not only will emergency responders be able to assess any possible injuries from the accident, but they will also be an important resource for evidence if there are any personal injuries you’ll need to claim in the future. A police report is also often a requirement for filing a claim, as they will be an eyewitness to the accident.
  2. As stated above, call your insurance company ASAP. Make sure they know to expect you to a claim soon.
  3. Get information from everyone involved, including names, numbers, and insurance information, as well as a list of other requirements your insurance provider may provide.
  4. Take photos and videos of the accident site, and write down your version of events to help you remember the events as they happened.

Scottsdale Auto Accident Law FAQs

What should I do if I think I’m at fault for an accident?

Any time you are in a car accident, we understand that this can be traumatizing and it can leave you shaken. Best-case scenario, you have no injuries after a car accident. However, most people will suffer from some kind of minor injury. Unfortunately, the fault is not always as clear as you would hope and you may be unsure of whether you were responsible for the accident, the other party was responsible for the accident, or if you were both partially to blame. It is important that after a car accident, you are very careful about what you say, even if you think you were at fault. 

Won’t apologize for the accident help in the situation, though?

We strongly recommend against apologizing. In fact, until you speak with your attorney and gather the necessary evidence, you may not have any idea who was at fault. When you apologize to the other driver or speak with the other driver’s insurance agent and apologize, it will work against you when it comes time to file a claim. 

There are many factors that contribute to liability when it comes to car accidents and it is possible that you are partially responsible and the other party is also responsible. You would be surprised at how helpful witness testimonies and surveillance footage can be. You may have no idea that the other driver was speeding or ran a stop sign and you may think it is your fault.

If I’m not sure, what should I do after the accident?

As long as you are not suffering from injuries, one of the first things you should do following a car accident is call your Scottsdale auto accident attorney. We can coach you on the right things to say at the accident scene and begin gathering evidence as soon as we hear from you to start working on your claim. 

What if my car was damaged in the accident?

When it comes to car damage after an accident, you may quickly decide to put it in the shop and go through your insurance. It is possible to have the at-fault driver’s insurance reimburse you or your insurance after an accident or after you need to buy a new car if your original car was totaled. If you have suffered from injuries and have property damage after a car accident, call our office as soon as you can. 

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Benefits of Hiring Yearin Law Offices For Your Auto Accident

The realization that you’ve been in a car accident can sometimes be followed by confusion, wavering judgment, questions, and uneasiness. Some of the major considerations for a car accident victim are the questions, “Do I need a lawyer? What can a lawyer do for me?” Check out the benefits of hiring an auto accident lawyer in Scottsdale, to help answer these queries. 

Our Auto Accident Lawyer Can Get You Compensation for Injuries

Injuries can occur even from minor auto accidents. Many times, these injuries will not even be noticeable until weeks or even months later. If you’ve been in a minor accident that did not require immediate medical attention, physical trauma can show up later. A lawyer can help you get all the compensation you need to deal with those injuries. 

Our Auto Accident Lawyer Can Provide Defence for Claims Made Against You

An auto accident lawyer at Yearin Law Office can conduct an initial investigation to determine whether you were at fault in the accident. Once fault is determined, the lawyer can then make a better defense and obtain the compensation you need.

You Don’t Pay Anything

Lawyers often get paid contingent upon winning the cases they are working. This means that your lawyer will only be paid if you win the claim, and you will not have to pay anything if no compensation is given.

Other Parties Involved in the Car Accident Might File a Claim

You’ve been in a minor accident with another vehicle. No major damage seems to be done, so you exchange phone numbers and insurance information with the other party and go on your way. However, several months later you find out that the other party has filed claims and you are being called to court. Do not be caught without a Scottsdale auto accident lawyer.

Make Sure You Are Getting All the Compensation Entitled to You

Even if you’ve been through an auto accident before and are familiar with what needs to happen next, a lawyer’s knowledge can help determine that you are taking all paths available to you.

Our Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help You Deal With Your Insurance

Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult, especially if they believe you to be at fault in an accident claim. An auto accident lawyer can help you wade through the technical terms, giving you the confidence to deal with your auto insurance company.

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