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November 17, 2021

Personal Injury Attorney Scottsdale, AZ

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Personal Injury Attorney in Scottsdale, AZ

Personal injuries happen all the time in the workplace, and a personal injury attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona from the Yearin Law Office can help you get some much-needed financial compensation if you were hurt on the job.

Workers’ comp should cover much of the cost of your injuries, but sometimes it’s not enough, and sometimes you need real justice if an employer was dangerously negligent. But how can you prove an employer was negligent if you work in a supposedly safe environment?

Workplace injuries can happen anywhere

When people think about getting hurt on the job, they usually think about high-stress and high-hazard environments. Steel mills, factories, warehouses, construction sites – they’re all full of heavy equipment and dangerous machinery, and they’re a constant source of accidents and injury. However, workplace accidents can happen anywhere, including offices.

Some office employees may be reluctant to report their injuries, but there’s no reason an office injury should be treated any different than an injury sustained in a factory or warehouse. As a personal injury attorney  in Scottsdale, AZ from the Yearin Law Office can explain, there are plenty of ways an office employee can be injured on the job, and no matter how small the injury, it warrants compensation.

One of the most common sources of workplace injury for those who work in white-collar professions is carpal tunnel syndrome. Lacking the proper ergonomic supports for keyboards can lead to a dangerous and painful compression of the nerves on the underside of your wrist, and it could prevent you from carrying out your job. This means expensive medical care and lost wages, and you shouldn’t have to pay for these damages out of your own pocket.

Have you ever been in an office with flickering or insufficient lighting? It’s not uncommon for workers exposed to these conditions to experience headaches and even nausea. It’s important to remember that it’s an employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe work environment, and that means providing proper lighting for employees so they don’t experience daily migraines or eye strain. It’s also important to have a sufficiently well-lit workplace to avoid slips and falls.

Slip and falls can happen anywhere. They aren’t just restricted to the workplace. Unfortunately, no matter where they occur, slip and falls can cause serious injury. While on the surface a minor trip or slip-up can be more embarrassing than painful, they can cause serious health issues in the future, and if left untreated for long enough you’ll find you’re not even able to file a workers’ compensation claim. 

Fortunately, if you were injured because of an employer’s negligence, you can turn to a personal injury lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.

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At the Yearin Law Office, we understand how frustrating a workplace accident can be, and we know that you deserve better treatment. We’re ready to fight on your behalf so you can get your life back on track, and we’re ready to walk you through the legal process that comes with a personal injury claim. Get in touch with us today, and see how a personal injury attorney in Scottsdale, AZ can help.

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