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January 17, 2023

What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases?

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If you were injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, it may be time to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ. You may be able to pursue compensation for your losses. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about personal injury cases.

What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases?

A personal injury case results when one person causes the injury of another person. Even if the injury was unintentional, the party who caused it may be held liable. The most common types of personal injury cases include car accidents, dog bites, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents, product liability, medical malpractice and pedestrian accidents.

When Are Property Owners Responsible for Accidents on Their Premises?

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises safe for other people. If they fail to do that and someone gets hurt, the property owner may be held liable for the damages. For instance, if you suffered a slip and fall accident on a milk spill in a grocery store and investigation revealed that the spill was there for hours, the grocery store owner may be held responsible.

How Soon Should I Seek Medical Attention?

A mistake some accident victims make is not getting medical care soon enough. If they don’t feel too badly hurt, they might think they can wait to see a doctor. However, not all injuries show symptoms right away. You might feel fine initially and wake up with severe pain a few days later. Additionally, if you delay medical care, the defendant’s insurance company may argue that you aren’t truly hurt. That’s why your personal injury attorney in Scottsdale, AZ will advise you to see a doctor immediately.

What Should I Bring to My First Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney?

Scheduling a consultation with a skilled personal injury attorney is the first step in getting compensation for your injury. To get the most out of the first meeting, bring a list of questions for your attorney. For example, you may want to ask how many personal injury cases similar to yours he or she has handled. You may also want to find out about the lawyer’s fee structure.

If you have documents pertaining to your case, like witness contact information and medical records, bring them with you.

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