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May 29, 2021

What Does a Wrongful Death Lawyer Do?

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A wrongful death lawyer is going to handle lawsuits for families who have lost a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful act of another person. Wrongful death is considered to be the act of dying due to someone’s wrongful act or negligence or a default breach of contract or warranty. In cases such as these, the deceased person’s estate can file a civil lawsuit these civil lawsuits are not the only thing wrongful death lawyers handle they also usually have experience with personal injury cases. Oftentimes a wrongful death attorney’s goal is to help families hold responsible parties financially accountable for the losses they have suffered.

There’s no easy way to phase the unexpected loss of a loved one, and the grief that comes with this loss may be overwhelming. This is why a wrongful death lawyer can be your best hope of seeing financial settlement and accountability in these types of cases. Your lawyer can also offer you help in dealing with your loved one’s finances, because it’s not every day that you are the estate handler of a deceased person.

What is a wrongful death claim? This is a great question to ask, and a wrongful death claim, to truly understand it, you need to understand what it is not. Your wrongful death claim is not a criminal prosecution, and it will not result in prison time or fines with the conviction. In fact, the district attorney takes no part in bringing these cases to court. A wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit, and if your claim is successful, it would be sole and financial compensation from the at-fault party. These claims may result from any death that is caused by the negligence of another person or an entity.

Wrongful death claims can result from a wide range of negligent acts. However, some of the most common wrongful death claims are car accidents, sporting accidents, violent crime, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, and slip and fall cases. Each case is going to have somebody different that is at full, in the instance of slip and fall cases you might be at a grocery store when you slip and fall and if it could be prevented then your case would be against the grocery store itself not somebody who’s building something. Your wrongful death lawyer is going to be the best person to tell you who is at fault for your case, and if you are dealing with a corporation or large store, they are going to have the experience required to help you file your civil suit and hopefully win it.

Sometimes wrongful death cases settle as soon as compensation is demanded, and often in these types of cases, the defendant is asked not to file a wrongful death case if they are paid upfront. But if you file a wrongful death claim, it might take months or years before a trial finally occurs, so if you are offered the option to settle and the settlement is what you were expecting or more, you should take it at the advice of your lawyer. Do not settle without speaking to a wrongful death lawyer, like the lawyers because you never know if your lawyer might value your accident or your family to grieve at a higher value than you are being offered.

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