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May 29, 2021

Hiring an Attorney When a Car Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

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If you’re in a car wreck that was caused by someone else, you cannot be held responsible for the fallout. Regardless, hiring an attorney during the aftermath could make sense. As a car accident lawyer, you may have reason to sue for damages. Determining the viability of proceeding with litigation takes time, energy, and knowledge. Here are some actions a car accident lawyer can perform on your behalf.

Calculation of Deserved Compensation

When the amount of money you stand to receive from suing is low, it makes greater sense to accept an insurance settlement. When the damages you incur are high, litigation is more appropriate. An attorney can add up the total cost of your suffering, both past and projected medical expenses, as well as lost wages. A dollar amount associated with your pain and suffering can also be included.

Gathering of Evidence

Your odds of winning are far greater when you have evidence in your corner. Car accident attorneys are adept at collecting these materials, including photos and video, surveillance footage from nearby businesses and traffic cameras, witness statements, police reports, and medical records. Speed is necessary when collecting these items, as guilty parties have a vested interest in covering them up. An attorney familiar with car accident lawsuits knows how to navigate this territory and secure them before they are destroyed. 

Demonstration of Fault

Car accident attorneys are skilled at organizing proof in a manner that makes clear the other driver’s responsibility. An experienced trial attorney can explain in a courtroom why the defendant acted negligently. This person can also present the words and actions of the person you’re suing in a manner that spells out why this individual should be held accountable. 

Navigation of Insurance

As soon as your insurance company learns of your accident, a representative will request a statement from you regarding what happened. Be careful to give just the facts of the accident. Do not embellish with your own conclusions, as your words can be used against you to deny or lower payment. Rest assured, these corporate behemoths are searching for any possible way of lowering their expenditures. Allow a legal representative to handle this aspect of your situation. A professional familiar with how these companies operate knows how to respond to their queries in a way that will not create a negative impact.

Automobile accidents are unfortunate. Those caused by another’s negligence are particularly frustrating. Hire a car accident lawyer so you can enjoy your life just as you did before the incident. 

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