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March 15, 2023

What Is the Process of a Motorcycle Accident Case?

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If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries. However, the amount of damages awarded depends on a number of factors, including who was at fault, the injuries sustained, and insurance issues. Every state requires motorcycle operators to carry insurance and registration for their vehicles, but minimum requirement laws vary by state. Keep in mind that insurance companies work to minimize the amount they need to pay in a motorcycle wreck, and the law in motorcycle accidents can be complex. Here are a few key steps to take that will help to ensure your motorcycle accident case goes smoothly.

Document the Accident

In any motorcycle accident that involves injuries, you should stay at the scene to document the incident, contact the police and emergency services, and seek medical attention. Take pictures of the scene and your injuries as quickly as possible, before the accident is cleaned up. The police report will be an important aspect of any case or claim, so be conscientious about reporting the facts. Be careful not to acknowledge fault or guilt as you report. You may be in shock immediately after an accident, unable to recognize all of the complex factors involved. 

Many personal injury lawyers recommend that the motorcyclist should wait to seek repairs to the motorcycle. If there is any possibility that the accident occurred due to a defect with the motorcycle, the damaged vehicle is the only evidence of potential problems. The damages to the motorcycle can also help to prove the truth and seriousness of a victim’s claim.

Pursue Medical Treatment

Motorcycle crashes may involve very serious injuries, such as fractures, traumatic brain injuries, or spinal injuries. Unfortunately, accident victims may sometimes be unconscious at the scene of the accident. If hospitalization is required, the accident victim should remain in the hospital to receive all medical treatment that is recommended. Even if injuries are perceived as minor, it is still a good idea for victims to seek medical treatment. Documenting all treatment carefully will be an important part of a motorcycle accident case. Insurance companies may seek lower settlements by claiming that a plaintiff did not completely follow medical advice.

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