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March 15, 2023

Do I Need an Attorney After Suffering Physical Injuries in an Accident?

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Car accidents bring with them a host of complications. Whether your accident was big or small, you could be dealing with physical injuries, damage to your car, missed work, and a variety of other issues. Do you need an automobile accident lawyer in Arizona from Yearin Law Office to help you deal with these things? Do physical injuries warrant the need for an attorney, or should you just accept the insurance company’s offer? The following will show you why an attorney is important following an accident that caused the injury.

The Other Insurer

After a car accident, the other driver’s insurance company will assess the situation and come up with an offer they’re willing to pay you. Keep in mind insurance companies are trying to protect their own bottom line. They will offer you as low an amount as possible to keep liability low for themselves, but as high an offer as possible to entice you to accept it. Your automobile accident lawyer in Arizona can help you determine whether the offer is fair or not.

In many cases, an insurer that knows you have legal representation will offer you more. They are trying to settle the claim quickly and affordably. They know going to court will possibly end up costing them more, so they’ll offer just high enough that it meets the approval of an attorney.

Future Injury Expenses

When settling with an insurance company, you may not know right away what your future injuries will be. Sure you’ll have some injuries right away, but do you know what lasting effects they will have? Your automobile accident lawyer in Arizona can help you determine future injury expenses that would result from your accident. If the offer doesn’t meet the estimate, going to court could be your best option, and in that case, you’d want an attorney by your side.

Proving Fault

Sometimes the best way to win a lawsuit is by having the right proof. If you are looking to prove fault with the other driver so you can receive compensation, an attorney can assist you in collecting what you need. Witness statements, the police report, and pictures of the scene are all great to use as evidence, but your automobile accident lawyer in Arizona might have some other ideas as well.

Getting Started With Legal Advice

If you were injured in a car accident, getting immediate legal advice is a good move to make. Your attorney can help you deal with the other insurance company, estimate future injury expenses, and prove fault in court. Contact your automobile accident lawyer in Arizona from Yearin Law Office today to get started.

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