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January 18, 2023

4 Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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There is a common feeling among victims of personal injuries that they are somehow being aggressive or greedy by filing a claim against an insurer and hiring an attorney. This feeling or belief is typically unfounded. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be compensated for your injuries, especially when apparent negligence played a role in the accident. Therefore, before you start feeling guilty for wanting to hire an attorney, consider at least these four reasons you should.

  • Focus on Your Recovery

The main reason to hire Scottsdale, Arizona personal injury attorney is to reduce the amount of stress you need to deal with. An attorney will help handle all of the necessary paperwork for your case, including the gathering of medical bills, filings, and deadlines. By having a lawyer focus on the bureaucratic side of things, you can spend more time focusing on your recovery and tending to your family.

  • Avoid Mistakes

While the law, in general, is a complex topic, personal injury law doesn’t get any easier to understand, which is why lawyers spend years getting their education and passing the bar. For people inexperienced with the laws governing personal injury claims, it is easy to make mistakes during filings, depositions, and mediations. Therefore, hire an attorney to help you avoid the pitfalls and ensure that your claim makes it to settlement negotiations.

  • Get the Support You Deserve

While you may have some hesitations looking for an attorney, understand that insurance companies already have law firms on retainer. Therefore, by not finding a lawyer to support your interest, you may be putting yourself at a significant disadvantage. Hiring a lawyer is not vindictive or cruel; it is protective.

  • Ensure Settlements are Fair

Do you want a fair settlement? Do you want to be able to cover your medical expenses? Without representation, you are more likely to walk away from a personal injury claim with less than you deserve. Settlement negotiations require skills that are acquired through years of practice and experience, time that you likely have not put in. Therefore, do yourself and your settlement a favor and hire an experienced lawyer.

If you were injured because of the negligence of someone else, then contact a local personal injury attorney. They will be able to help you come up with a plan for moving forward with your claim. There is no shame in seeking assistance and hiring a lawyer only ensures that you are protecting your interest.

A personal injury lawyer Scottsdale, Arizona offers knows all too well how victims feel when they’ve been injured by the fault of another person. Personal injuries are chaotic and traumatic events that can leave you feeling like a tornado just ripped through your life. There are so many moving parts involved with personal injury cases and as soon as the accident occurs, they all collide with one another going full speed. If you’re like millions of other people who have been in an accident that resulted in injury, you’re probably looking to gain a deeper understanding of personal injury law and how it pertains to you. Look no further. The Yearin Law Office is here to help.

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