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January 11, 2022

Taking Action Against Trespassing Charges

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal trespassing is considered being a serious crime that comes with probation, fines and even jail time. Furthermore, it can stay on your permanent record and appear on background checks, which can make it hard to get jobs or lease cars and apartments. However, if you believe you have been charged with criminal trespassing and you think that is wrong or you want to get that charge dropped, you should reach out to a criminal defense lawyer such as the ones available Tuttle Law PA. They are going to be the best people to help get you free of this charge.

How is trespassing defined?

Many state laws define trespassing as when somebody has willfully entered a property that they should not have upon, meaning they do not have an invitation or license and authorization to be on the property. This can also happen if somebody is on a property with permission, but then they refused to leave after the ocular asked them to leave.

What is the punishment for those who are charged and found guilty of criminal trespassing?

If you are charged with and found guilty of trespassing, it is going to vary depending upon the circumstances of what the punishment you will receive is. Many states classify trespassing to be when somebody is inappropriately and illegally on a property other than a structure or conveyance, to be a 1st° misdemeanor which has a one-year jail time maximum, and a $1000 fine.

However, if the crime is even more serious than that, you might find yourself with a punishment that is more severe. Moreover if your crime was not that serious, you might only find yourself with a small fine to pay.

So an example of a more serious crime is if somebody was trespassing on a property with a firearm or other dangerous weapon, or if they were trespassing on the property to hunt endangered game or fur-bearing animals illegally on the property.

Did you know even the location of the crime can impact the punishment? In these locations listed, if you are trespassing or caught, you may find yourself with a third-degree felony on your hands.

  • Agriculture chemicals manufacturing facility
  • Domestic violence shelter
  • Agricultural site for research purposes
  • Agriculture site for testing purposes
  • Or posted construction site

Speak to your criminal defense lawyer if you think that your charge is much more serious than what your crime actually was, and see what they can do about lessening or getting it dismissed. And you should know that if you’re found guilty of the 3rd° felony you might go to five years of jail time, five years of probation and even $5000 in fines.

However, a criminal defense lawyer can help you if you go to them as soon as possible after being charged, and while it is not always possible to get a case dismissed, you can almost always get it brought down from a more serious crime.

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