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Automobile Accident Attorney Scottsdale AZ

Automobile Accident Attorney Scottsdale AZ

Automobile Accident Attorney Scottsdale AZIn today’s hustle and bustle world, it seems many Arizona residents are frequently in a rush to get from one place to the other. Whether it’s work, family, or social commitments, there just never seems to be enough hours in the day. Unfortunately, this also means that many people tend to speed things up when they are behind the wheel of their vehicle in an effort to get to where they need to be. A Scottsdale AZ automobile accident attorney knows that not only does speeding increase a person’s risk of being involved in a crash, it also increases the risk that they will be seriously injured or killed in that accident because of the force of impact.

Speeding occurs when a driver travels over the posted speed limit, driving too fast for bad weather or road conditions, through road construction, and through school zones. According to national statistics, speeding is the cause of more than one-third of all crashes and the resulting injuries. Speeding is also responsible for about 10,000 deaths each year.

Some drivers only speed when they are running light or stuck in traffic, while other drivers speed because of the “thrill” of driving fast. There are even drivers who speed because of an arrogance that the laws do not apply to them.

Regardless of why a driver speeds, it can still have the same consequences. When a driver is going faster, any response time needed for changes in traffic or road conditions requires a faster response time. There are also spikes in the risk that the driver will lose control of their vehicle. When a driver is speeding it reduces the effectiveness of any vehicle safety systems, such as seat belts, and also reduces the effectiveness of child safety seats. Combine all this with the severe impact of a crash at high speeds and the risk of death and catastrophic injuries skyrockets for speeders. An automobile accident attorney in Scottsdale AZ can help victims pursue a lawsuit for the losses their crash injuries have caused. 

What Can You Do to Reduce Your Risk?

Although there is no controlling what other drivers do, there are steps that you can take to help decrease your risk of being involved in a speed-related crash. A Scottsdale AZ automobile accident attorney recommends the following tips:

  • Make sure to allow yourself enough time to reach your destination so you aren’t feeling pressured to drive faster than you should.
  • Adjust your speed based on traffic, road, and weather conditions, regardless of the posted speed limit.
  • Make sure to stay alert for any changes in posted speed limit signs
  • Let speeding or aggressive drivers pass you instead of being intimidated into increasing your own speed

4 Common Reasons for Car Accidents

Cars are important. They take us to and from school, work, recreational activities and a lot of other events we have in our lives. Because there are so many cars on the road, there are a lot of car accidents. The following are four common reasons drivers get in car accidents.

  1. Distracted Driving

A high percentage of car accidents are the result of distracted driving. Anything you engage in while driving your car, besides the actual driving, is considered a distraction. This would include changing your radio station, eating, talking on your phone, replying to a text, turning to talk with your passengers, reconfiguring your GPS and other similar actions.

  1. Speeding

When someone regards being on time as more important than obeying the speed limit, there’s a possibility people will get hurt. Speed limits aren’t just suggestions and they weren’t created by pulling a random number out of a hat. They are carefully thought through with the safety of everyone as a top priority. Most people speed when they’re worried they’ll be late, are getting impatient with traffic, are experiencing road rage or are under the influence of alcohol. These are all great reasons to stay off the road, ask someone else to drive, take public transportation or give yourself extra time to get somewhere.

  1. Drifting

When a driver drifts from his or her own lane into another, the situation is bound to cause an accident. This sometimes happens when someone is driving while fatigued, while under the influence or while distracted by something. There are other drifting situations that could be out of the driver’s control, such as avoiding an object in the road or experiencing a blown tire.

  1. Driving Under the Influence

Too high a percentage of drivers are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and everyone knows it’s dangerous. People drive under the influence because they aren’t thinking straight, are worried about missing a curfew or don’t want to get caught doing something they shouldn’t. Unfortunately, the opposite often happens when they end up in car accidents.

Contacting a Lawyer When You Need One

If you were in a car accident, it could be due to one of these common reasons. In any case, a car accident lawyer can help you navigate the complexities that arise out of your accident. Contact a lawyer today so you can get started with the legal process of recovering compensation.

Call an Automobile Accident Attorney Scottsdale AZ for Help

If, despite your best efforts, you are injured in a crash caused by a speeding driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Contact Yearin Law Office today to schedule a free consultation with an automobile accident attorney Scottsdale AZ clients turn to and find out what legal options you may have.