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Accident Injury Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Accident Injury Lawyer Scottsdale, AZ

Accident Injuries

accident injury lawyer Scottsdale, AZThere are many different accidents that someone may, unfortunately, be affected by. These accidents can have injuries that range from minor injuries to severe injuries inflicted. They also may have high financial impacts in the form of property damage or hospital visits. When someone goes through an accident it’s important to know that help is out there. Accident injury lawyers have helped numerous people receive settlements and compensation for their injuries. They also hold the negligent and at-fault party accountable for their poor decisions. Reach out to an accident injury lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ  from Yearin Law Office to learn more about how our lawyers and firm can assist you with your potential case and subsequent lawsuits.


Accidents and Injuries

When someone is in an accident there is a good chance that there will be injuries. These injuries may result in broken bones, cuts, scrapes, blood loss, brain injuries, spine injuries, and also permanent injuries like being paralyzed. Some of the most common injuries are a result of negligent behavior or poor actions from property owners and managers. Some of the more common injuries come from:

Slip and fall accidents – These accidents generally occur when a property doesn’t close off an area that is being worked on. They may also happen from spills on the ground that are not marked.

Construction accidents – These accidents occur when staff is improperly trained or equipment malfunctions. Negligent use of equipment is another way that many people have been injured.

Product defect incidents – Incorrectly manufactured goods and products have led to a variety of different injuries like burns, cuts, and even poisoning. 

Escalator and elevator accidents – Improperly maintained machinery hurts thousands of people each year. Always be safe when using different types of machinery like escalators and elevators.

Pedestrian or bicycle accidents – These accidents are mainly caused by vehicle collisions and distracted drivers. Injuries may be severe requiring hospitalization and many doctor visits. 

Car and truck accidents – These are some of the most common ways that injuries occur from an accident. Distracted drivers, drunk drivers, negligent drivers, and even reckless drivers are all contributing to these injuries on a daily basis. 

Motorcycle accidents – These accidents also occur generally from vehicle collisions. Injuries range from scrapes, bruises, cuts, blood loss, broken bones, and in the most extreme cases, fatalities.

Domestic Violence – Domestic violence attacks, unfortunately, occur to thousands of people each year.


Legal Counsel Can Assist

If you or someone you know have been in an accident and are unclear about how to go about a possible lawsuit then reach out to the Yearin Law Office for assistance. We have helped many clients receive compensation for their injuries in their unfortunate predicaments. Suffering through injuries caused by someone else’s negligent actions or poor mistakes shouldn’t be left to the victim to repay or suffer through alone. Pain and suffering may also be available as compensation in a case. Things like doctor’s visits, medical bills, therapy sessions, property damage, lost wages from work, and others are also generally compensated to victims.